12 Days of Parenting – A Christmas Craft

Today’s post for the 12 Days of Parenting Campaign is sponsored by Sand Art Pictures which is incredibly fitting in with the topic of A Christmas Craft. I welcome you if you have joined me from Adventures of a Novice Mum!

We are not particularly a crafty family so this has been a challenge for me. I have received many wonderful, hand-made crafts from friends and family over the years but I am one to buy in a mad dash than sit and create something. Mainly because the idea in my head never really gets put on paper…or card…or cork. I love the idea of being crafty and have attempted to create scrapbooks full of interesting pop-up bits and full of family photos but I promise you this is not where my talent lies. My boyfriend thinks I’m rather good at drawing although I again, would disagree. I designed this little name plate for my daughters bedroom but that is about as good as it gets.

My daughters name on her bedroom door featuring Elsa and created by yours truly.
My daughters name on her bedroom door featuring Elsa and created by yours truly.

This weekend we got together with some old scrapbook paper I had and tried to get a little bit crafty although it ended with a paper chain that turned into a necklace and really bad cramp in my leg. Still it was fun for Evangeline rather than just doing the same old things. The intention was to create some decorations for the home which we could use over and over however things didn’t go to plan when said cramp struck and I had to move up with difficulty from the floor. Adam was much better at creating snowflakes than I was as I cut mine in the wrong place and it ended up almost falling apart. We had plenty of giggles and really that’s what Christmas is all about. Looking through the Sand Art pictures I think that is something we could all have a lot of fun doing together as a family.

Getting Ready to make some Paper Chains
Getting Ready to make some Paper Chains

We have attempted a more Christmassy craft as well for you which is a Christmas Centrepiece. I remember one year at school we had a week of making a new Christmas gift or item each day and I loved making the centre pieces. If you’ve collected any pine cones over the last few weeks this is an excellent chance to put them to use with a little spray paint or fake snow. All we used for this was an old placemat and flipped it upside down, some tinsel, a candle and little berry and pinecone decorations.

Our Christmas Centrepiece
Our Christmas Centrepiece

Other Christmas Crafts you could try is making your own Christmas Crackers and filling them with a unique surprise for your guests. You can also make your own Christmas cards, perhaps using a family photo in Christmas jumpers to really get into the spirit. Or making you own Christmas Tree decorations. You can get plastic baubles and fill them with glitter or a family photo, or using some cork, glue and tinsel…whatever you want really. It’s always nice to have a tree with something a little different.

I’m sure other bloggers will give you plenty of inspiring ideas on their crafts so please do jump over to KiddyCharts for more! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway with the code word: Iselogbe

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