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12 Days of Parenting – Santa, Baby…

So another day, another 12 days of parenting  (T&C’s) posts and today I am following on from Faye at Glossy Tots. This post is sponsored by Babybundle so please go ahead and check them out!

As a parent, well as an adult really, my wishlist seems to be kitchen appliances or PJ’s…things to make my life both easy and comfortable. I’ve already thought about my wishlist this year for material goods however I do have a few more thought provoking wishes that I want for Christmas and to last a lifetime.

  1. More time alone. Even when my little baby is asleep in bed I’m still not really alone. Perhaps a few more nights spent with grandparents is in order in 2016.
  2. More confidence in myself. As a mum, I know I don’t get everything right, I know that’s okay but I would still like a little bit more confidence in the decisions I make and that they are the right decisions for my family.
  3. More self belief. As I am a work-at-home blogger and network marketer I need to have more belief in myself that I will succeed to provide an income for my family so that I can contribute.
  4. More family time together. Okay, so it contradicts number one a little…but as some of you may know from previous posts my partner works awkward shift patterns which means we don’t get a lot of family time together. And I want to make the most of it this year so that we actually go out together as a family. More time in the park. More time walking the dogs together. More family meals together. A bigger effort and more contribution from all of us.
  5. The ability (funds) to go somewhere new in 2016. We already have our two holidays sorted for next year but I would just love the chance for a weekend break away to somewhere else, another city to explore, more adventures, more fun, more memories.
  6. To not have to share my bath bombs with my daughter who is growing up far too quickly (okay, maybe just one then…)
  7. To find the courage to share my business in a productive way with others, because I know my opportunities could change someone’s life like it has mine these last nine months.
  8. More willpower so I can stop wasting money on a gym membership and use it instead!
  9. The chance to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee again without getting up, sit down, get up, sit down and so on.
  10. For all my friends and family to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
More time as a family making memories is high up on my Wishlist

More time as a family making memories is high up on my Wishlist

I’m sure there will be more enjoyable wishlists to read than mine so please follow on the thread with Caroline at Mum Without Wheels.



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