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12 Days of Parenting – Through the Years

If you have joined me from Alina at Cookies and Cwtches then thank you so much for stopping by. This post is sponsored by Fresh Photography who are offering a beautiful prize worth £95. Today’s 12 Days of Parenting topic is how children don’t stop at Christmas time no matter how much you plan and organise. Since my daughter isn’t a baby anymore I thought I would talk about how I’ve handled Christmas with her over the years.

Six years ago on 21st December 2009 I found out I was expecting a baby. I had an inkling I was pregnant and the test I took on this day confirmed it. From that day Christmas changed for me and we’ve celebrated with lots of different people in lots of different places. This post is sponsored by Fresh Photography.

For Evangeline’s first Christmas she was just four months old and we spent the festive period with my family rather than in our home in Worcestershire. By this point I had moved on to formula feeding as breastfeeding didn’t work out very well for me and she had a stable bed time routine, slept through the night and was really pretty easy. However it did mean that for the first time in my life I couldn’t really drink as I had someone else to be responsible for, I had to be home early to put Evie to bed and present unwrapping was timed between naps, nappy changes and bottle feeds. I can’t really complain though as unlike some I had a baby with a great sleeping pattern and who didn’t cry all that much. If I still had been feeding myself I would have really struggled doing it in public as I’m so self conscious and I have massive boobs so doing it discreetly just wouldn’t have happened! As well as recovering from a C-section I still wasn’t in the mood for long walks or clothes with high, stretchy waistbands – not exactly dressing to impress!

First Christmas at 4 Months Old December 2010

First Christmas at 4 Months Old December 2010

When Evangeline was one we had Christmas at home with my dad. It was a sad time as my Grandma passed away after a very short battle with cancer. Christmas was overshadowed a little bit with sadness and remembrance that year but I was glad my dad was there with me. It was also, although I didn’t know it at the time, the last Christmas I would ever spend with my daughters father. I cooked Christmas dinner, preparing the veg the night before and cooking a turkey joint, making a huge buffet brunch for my partners family which was probably a little excessive and spending Christmas morning in our attic room opening presents – one being a keyboard for Evangeline that she loved…

Christmas 2011 - Evie is 15 Months Old

Christmas 2011 – Evie is 15 Months Old

When Evangeline was two I didn’t see her Christmas Day. This was right in the middle of fighting for residency for my daughter to live with me and I had just allowed my daughter to see her father again after four weeks of not seeing her, as he seemed to understand just how serious I was about fighting for her to live with me. I was sick of the threats and the abuse so I cut contact with him completely and would instead speak to his mum and dad to arrange contact. Evangeline went to stay with them from 21st December to 26th December and it was the hardest Christmas I’ve ever spent. I knew she would be home by 2pm on Boxing Day but just looking at all her unwrapped presents under the tree waiting for her made my heart hurt. I remember spending the day curled up on the sofa, repeatedly doing my nails, drinking Chablis and napping. I think my family got annoyed with my moping but then again my mum has never not seen me on Christmas Day. At this point I was also living in a hostel so life was pretty tough and just seemed to be an endless battle at the time.

Boxing Day 2012 - Evie is now two and three months

Boxing Day 2012 – Evie is now two and three months

When Evangeline was three I spent Christmas with my lovely boyfriend in our own flat. We had been here for around 7 months and my dad was here with us too. We had lunch with Adam’s family with Eddy the dog dressed as a reindeer. Evangeline was well behaved and patiently waited until after dinner to open presents. I was very proud of her. That was the best Christmas I had ever had to date and they just seem to keep getting better and better. At that point my life had completely turned around and I had a lovely person to share the day with too.

Christmas 2013 the first in our home together as a family

Christmas 2013 the first in our home together as a family

When Evangeline was four we had the busiest Christmas day we’d ever had. Again my dad stayed with us through to boxing day which was lovely. I made my third game pie on Christmas Eve, we watched comedy shows and had cheese and crackers to snack on. We headed up to Adam’s family for lunch and then walked over to my mums for tea. Evangeline got to ride her scooter all over town and the day was bright and sunny.

Seeing Father Christmas with her best friend in December 2014

Seeing Father Christmas with her best friend in December 2014

Now Evangeline is five we are looking forward to spending Christmas day in the flat together as a family with in laws visiting us, with a quick trip to the park, perhaps walking the dog, a lovely Christmas lunch that has been thought about for a long time and a chance for Evangeline to just enjoy the day, playing with her toys, pigging out and watching Christmas specials on TV. The last few years have had many ups and downs around Christmas time but I’m so glad I’m doing Christmas as a mum now because the magic hasn’t stopped and the quality of my pictures have got better.

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  2. My word, what Christmases you’ve had through the years; so many ups and ups, so many emotions. Well done for coming through! It’s lovely to know that things are better for you now and that you can look forward to a lovely Christmas this year too. #12daysofparenting

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