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Christmas Traditions for Families

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Over the years we have been toying, trialling and testing traditions for our family to continue each year for Christmas but to be honest we don’t really have very many if any at all, however, there are so many we love the idea of. I would love to do a beautiful Christmas Eve box every year but to be honest I always run out of time. I might consider buying one this year. We do, however, always have a mystery present under Evie’s pillow on Christmas Eve which contains a beautiful new pair of PJ’s. We always have a lovely meal together on Christmas Eve too where I make a delicious (if I do say so myself) homemade Venison and Game pie. I’m not sure how that one will continue though, to be honest as I’ve been cutting out a lot of meat from my diet, this year might just be our last one although I know we will always enjoy a family meal on Christmas Eve in the years to come. Also, the gifts under the tree are from family and parents, the stocking is full of gifts from Father Christmas…

This year is the first year we are going to a Christmas show which I’m really looking forward to at our local theatre. I have taken Evie to a couple of pantomimes and she goes every year with her grandparents but I’d like to go more often here too now she’s a bit older to sit through something like this and we can all enjoy it together. We also really love going up to the garden centre to visit Father Christmas in his grotto their because the toy shop is really impressive and the entire experience is really worth the money.

Christmas Day has always been an early start for me which makes it quite a long day but to be honest I don’t really mind all that much. I would like to make it a Christmas tradition that I sleep in until 7 am, because not even Evie is up and awake at that time. There is literally no point in being awake before then because if I wake people up they are grumpy for the rest of the day which just doesn’t serve anyone really. When I was young I was up most mornings at four AM and would wake my sisters up to watch a film. It was safe to wake Mum up at6 amm where she would let us open our stockings and then we would bribe my stepdad with a hot cup of tea at 7am for the rest of the presents. Now I have to gently wake Evie up at 7 am but even then it takes her a while…Maybe one day I’ll have my kids waking me up with coffee…

For Christmas Dinner, we’ve only ever had one meal at our home which was really nice. Mum came to visit us in the morning with my sisters and then we saw Adam’s family in the evening. It was a nice day because we got to stay home and Evie got to use her gifts but to be honest I found it a bit boring. It wasn’t the same. Perhaps that’s because there are only three of us, it was just easy and quiet and like any other day so this year we are absolutely spending time out the house. Firstly, I will try and stay in bed as long as possible, then it will be presents in the morning followed by a Christmas bath because I always get lovely bath stuff from Adam (I also got the delivery from Lush that he tried to sneak past me the other week…it just so happened to arrive on a Saturday and I opened the door…Adam was a bit disappointed but I don’t know what’s inside!) I might even add a bit of crazy colour into my hair. We have Christmas lunch quite early and this year we are having it cooked and delivered hot to us between 12noon-1pm – I am very excited. We’ve gone for a four-course option from a local company that do takeaway roast dinners every Sunday and the Christmas menu sounds delicious. That has reduced all the stress and the majority of washing up as we will only have to deal with the plates – I’m considering getting disposable ones. I really do enjoy cooking but again a big Christmas dinner with just three people is a lot of fuss and faff especially when I never cook roast dinners as it is. This, to me, is a perfect alternative to going out for a meal which is what we were originally considering doing.

We’ll be walking after our lunch to see Adam’s family for a couple of hours, have a few drinks and exchange more gifts before walking down to my mums for the later afternoon and evening. Evenings at my mums usually consist of a lot of people and a board game of some sort. Mum also does an evening cheese board which will be delicious. She is very excited as this year she is picking up her food from M&S. It’s the only time of year where there are lots of fizzy drinks and alcohol at my mums too – we’re not really a family of drinking but it is pretty free flowing over Christmas – a benefit of being non drivers too means we can get out without worrying about having a drink although I might consider paying the £20 or so to get a taxi home in the evening as it will be cold.

So I suppose they’re not really Christmas traditions as such but it’s how we do it and I love it. Do you have any Christmas traditions? 


Family Traditions at Christmas

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