Stag with Swag

Move Over Elf on the Shelf…Introducing Stag with Swag

This is Stag Sparkle and he is the absolute RUINER of my daughters life. He is kind of like a lazy version of Elf on the Shelf. We call him the Stag with Swag…We found Stag last year in Poundland looking a bit lonely so we took him home and since then he has caused nothing but trouble. We obviously put him away last year with the rest of the decorations but for the last month Evie has SWORN that she’s seen him sneaking about the place (she hasn’t). The lovely Gemma has her own version Deer with a Beer on her blog Life is Knutts.

Stag Sparkle doesn’t just cause a little bit of mischief, he tries to open her advent calendar, eats a few of her sweets and leaves her the wrappers but most importantly he tells Father Christmas if Evie is being naughty or nice every single night. He likes to move around the living room at night finding Evie’s things and that gets her a little bit annoyed but she knows that if she misbehaves or is not very nice to Stag Sparkle…he’ll tell!

Stag Sparkle does sometimes do nice things for Evie…and I will show them off over on Instagram if you care to look. The point is, he is part of the magic of Christmas for us and he does help control the overwhelming excitement that Evie has during December. Evie is really energetic and can get quite overwhelmed easily which leads to some pretty naughty behaviour. I want to make sure she has a great Christmas rather than one where she feels upset and angry a lot of the time so having something like this has actually helped us, especially as she’s not particularly well at the moment and feels like she’s missing out a bit. Anyway, I don’t think we will ever actually do Elf on the Shelf because, well, I didn’t get him out until Tuesday and I’m not even sure I can commit to moving him around and getting him to actually do things every night but I guess we will see!

Do you have a Stag with Swag equivalent or are you an Elf on the Shelf kind of person?


  1. This is such a cute idea! I’ve just popped along to Instagram and had a peek at the mischief and followed you so I don’t miss any of the antics.

  2. No elves on shelves or stags in our home either, but then my girls are 13 and 11. We do, however, still have the pyjama elf visit on Christmas Eve and Father Christmas (even though they no longer believe). I actually prefer your stag to an elf, he’s kind of cool #DreamandSparkle x

    1. Author

      I never really thought of that to be honest but yes you’re right the magic that comes with elf on the shelf can be any character really!

  3. I. Love. The. Stag. With. Swag!!!!! He sounds ace! We don’t do the Elf but instead have wooden advent doors that Pixies visit each night and leave a gift in! Also doing letters this year from international Elf service (check her out on instagram) which are very amusing!!

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