spreading a little christmas magic

Spreading A Little Christmas Magic

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With so much going on in December it can be super hectic and sometimes we forget to embrace the festive joy and the true meaning and magic of Christmas. Here are ten ways you can spread a little Christmas joy together.

  1. Take part in Reverse Advent – this is where each day of Advent or every day in December you add an item into a box and then on Christmas Eve donate it to a local food bank or refuge charity. I was homeless at Christmas once and the kind donations of strangers meant so much to me. Living in a hostel was really tough and it’s rare you get anything nice for yourself with little money. Plus there are some families, women, children and all sorts of people that won’t have the pleasure of a family meal this Christmas. Giving back a little to the community means so much. If you can’t manage to do the whole of December then adding a few things to donate to the food bank or even take a look at your local supermarkets, sometimes they have a trolly or box at the front of the store with items ready to be donated.
  2. Break Old Grudges – don’t let an old grudge stop you from enjoying Christmas. It’s the time for forgiveness and saying sorry to those we’ve hurt. A letter, a card, a gesture just to let those people know we’re thinking of them not only takes away that tension and pressure but also does wonders for your wellbeing. Let go of any anguish with “Thank you, I’m Sorry, I forgive you.”
  3. Take part in some Secret Santas – I think I’m part of three or four this year, some with blogging friends and work which I love because I get to find a nice, special gift that’s really targeted to that person. I’m not very good at keeping it a secret though!
  4. Doorstep Challenge – this is a really lovely one and requires some stealth as it’s all about finding a stranger that you think deserves a little Christmas cheer. Get a bag of shopping full of Christmas goods and leave it on the doorstep. Christmas can be lonely and we don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives.
  5. Send out Christmas Cards – try making your own for an afternoon of Christmas craft fun with the kids. I always forget to send Christmas cards but Evie and I are actually going to make a bit of effort this year I think!
  6. Sing Christmas songs together on the school run to keep your mind off the chill and make the walk a little fun. Our favourite is “On The First Day Of Christmas…”
  7. Donating to Charities – is there a local charity you care about and would like to help? Consider giving a donation direct to them as a gift. It’s a really lovely way to do something in the local community and help make a difference.
  8. Consider doing a shift to help the homeless in the food bank, local homeless shelter or food centre. These people are also on their own on Christmas Day so ensuring they have a lovely meal makes a difference.
  9. Are any of the local elderly care homes doing anything for Christmas? We have one close to our home that always likes to get the community involved with the residents from Christmas Markets, Fetes and the invitation to have a Christmas Dinner with them. I think this is a lovely way of bringing people together at Christmas and making sure everyone has someone there to spend some time with them.
  10. Do something just for you. If thats buying a bath bomb and some prosecco and locking yourself away for half hour, decorating your room, going to the gym or whatever it is you love to do, make sure you take time for yourself this Christmas. Your happiness and wellbeing is also important and deserves some festive cheer and attention.

10 Ways to Spread Christmas Joy

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