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Top Tips for Safety on Bonfire Night

This is such a fabulous time of year for my town full of fantastic firework displays and our upcoming Christmas lights switch on. I am so excited for Christmas this year, I’m feeling really prepared and I’ve even written up a gift guide full of some of my favourite products. One thing that is important though is to remain safe when watching these beautiful displays, especially if you’ve got little ones. I want to also take a moment to mention that there are animals that really struggle with fireworks around this time of year so if you can get to a display to enjoy the sites! It will probably work out either cheaper, or, if like my local town there’s a little funfair and games there, just as expensive as buying them for the garden but you can make a proper night out of it.

Our local town does fireworks on both Bonfire night displays and the Christmas lights switch on. We always enjoy going to these as a family however Evie does get a bit sensitive with loud bangs and noises so to protect her ears we always make sure she has a set of warm ear muffs. We’re currently trying out  the new 3M Pelter Kid ear muffs in pink for this years displays. Ear muffs are great for protecting their ears but also keeping them nice and warm. Evie says that hers are really comfy and help make loud sounds ‘more quiet.’

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As both our town displays take place around 7.30pm and well, it’s November, there’s always a chill in the air so we all enjoy wrapping up warm. Evie is fashioning her new hat, gloves and scarf set!


I have a bit of a fear of fire so I can’t really handle things like sparklers this time of year. We also don’t have a garden so we can’t just step outside and watch the fireworks and play with a few of these. I think glowsticks are a much better alternative. They’re a lot safer and Evie is fascinated by them. She loves snapping the sticks and shaking them to get the colour going. Our glow stick wand is a great alternative for taking to fireworks displays too!

After watching all those beautiful displays and light shows it’s time to come home and snuggle up. There are some lovely yummy snacks to enjoy! How about a slice of warm toffee apple cake, ice cream and a big mug of hot chocolate! Or, perhaps, for the adults as bonfire night is on the weekend a hot cup of mulled cider. Whatever your plans are for Bonfire Night have a great time with the family and stay safe.


Disclaimer: We received the items pictured as part of a Bonfire Night Safety Kid and to help promote the ear muffs. All opinions are either my own or that of my small person.

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