Visiting Santa's Grotto At Wyvale Garden Centre

A Festive Show & Visiting Santa at Wyvale Garden Centre

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, at The Lights – Andover.

We have had a jolly festive weekend which has been lovely and has helped us all spend a bit of time together. I booked three tickets for us to see The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus at my local theatre a few weeks ago and on a very frosty Saturday morning we headed over to watch it. Getting there a little on the early side we collected our tickets from the Box Office and then sat down in the bar area with some kids colouring and some very delicious Millionaire Hot Chocolate and shortbread biscuits.

Millionaires Hot Chocolate at The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

I’ve never been to The Lights here in Andover before but it’s a lovely little theatre and they always put on lots of productions friends and my grandparents are always telling me about so I will make it my interest to go to more shows there.

Watching The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, The Lights, Andover

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus was a lovely little story with fabulous acting for just three people. It had some lovely songs and kept the little ones entertained for around 50 minutes which was really an ideal amount of time. I did feel Evie was maybe on the older side for this one and next year I’ll be booking the Pantomime instead. However, it was nice to get out as a family and enjoy something we haven’t done together before. There were a few stroppy moments from Evie, as to be expected, going out with kids never really gets any easier does it? Even when it’s all about them! But overall we had a nice time.

Visiting Santa’s Grotto at Wyvale Garden Centre

Coming back home after the show and grabbing some food shopping, we had lunch and thawed out before being picked up by my mum and stepdad and heading to our local Wyvale Garden Centre for a visit to Santa’s Grotto. We had a quick walk around inside the centre looking at all the lovely displays for Christmas and I bought myself a big Christmas candle scented with Cinnamon Spice for £10.99 – I did want a Yankee Candle but I wasn’t really ready to part with £25 for one…The Colony ones were half-price which was much better considering they smelt very similar…anyway, I digress. Mum also bought Evie some Candy Canes to hang on our Christmas tree at home so now we’re all looking and feeling a little bit more festive.

Wyvale Garden Centre in Andover, Visiting Santa's Grotto

I booked in for our Grotto walkthrough online which was £10 and the visit was absolutely beautiful and a price I was happy to pay. Evie came away with her own Christmas tree and a gift from Santa’s Toy Shop which was a really lovely touch. I am always really impressed with the Garden Centre grotto because it’s done up really beautifully and they offer so much for your money. When we first walked into the beautiful forest of Christmas trees we started spotting lovely little fairies all around which Evie was very excited about.

Santa's Grotto, magic bean

Then, just as we were queuing up to go into Santa’s house Evie got to plant the magic bean she was given at the kiosk on the way in. There were lots of little plant pots and magic soil to use and then when we got into Santa’s house Evie put the magic bean and soil pot into a magical cupboard and after asking Father Christmas for Shopkins for Christmas (Must work on this one……) she opened it back up to find the magic had worked and her bean had grew into a Christmas tree. We then took the tree around to Mother Elf’s Workshop and decorated with lots of ribbons before picking out a toy in the workshop.

Santa's Grotto, Dancer and Prancer


I filmed our day which you can watch below or over on YouTube.

It was a really nice day visiting Father Christmas and lovely to spend a bit of time with family. Next weekend we are watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, have my work Christmas Party, and we are off to Salisbury for mulled wine and the Christmas Markets and a trip to our favourite ice cream and dessert shop. First though, another busy week at work!

Visiting Santa At Wyvale Garden Centres, A Trip to Santa's Grotto

What have you got planned over the festive period? Have you visited a Wyvale Garden Centre grotto? What did you think? 


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