My Swagbucks Story

I remember signing up for free with Swagbucks a few years ago and I did complete a few offers and surveys but my attention fizzled out after a week or so because life just got in the way. It was through a fellow blogger friend that I got back into it again and when I logged in I saw I had enough for a £10 gift voucher. I was amazed, I had never earned such a high value amount from a rewards website.

Swagbucks is a free to join cashback and reward site that includes various tasks and market research. You earn points, Swagbucks, for completing these tasks and those points can be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash. I’ve exchanged mine for Amazon, MasterCard and Curry’s so far, depending on what we’ve needed. My favourite way to complete offers is through surveys as these can really help you get to that next gift card goal quickly. Since October I’ve averaged about £60 a month in gift cards. I also like to check the shops offers because this really helps to build up my points. I’ve booked a few hotels recently which have been on sites that Swagbucks works with so these have really helped me increase my points. There are also regular contest offers to help give you a bit of a boost.

I got back into it in October 2016 and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been such a massive help for my family and I am so happy to share my results with my readers because it’s really made a difference to us and I really hope it can make a difference to other families too. I haven’t really done all that much in terms of spending money with Swagbucks but I have completed a few of the higher paying offers to help me earn my giftcards.

So far we’ve used our Swagbuck gift cards for video games, paying off our holiday to Cornwall, Christmas presents, household goods, beauty products and treats for the family. My next aim is to have £500 in Amazon vouchers Christmas. It’s an ambitious goal but I know I’ll be able to reach it and the fact that I can have a potentially debt free Christmas just for doing some surveys, watching some videos and collecting cash back.

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