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Fat Club Friday – A Month of Slimming World.

So we’ve been doing Slimming World for around a month now and I’ve just had my fourth weigh in. I didn’t lose anything this week, I didn’t gain anything either and I’m trying to take that as a positive. In my first month I’ve lost 12lbs and Adam has lost 9lbs so it’s been a really great start. This last week I’ve felt really low though and have been really unproductive. I’ve not really been adding up my syns properly and I’ve been a bit lazy.

I think I’ve just got a bit sick of life really. In a more I need to get out of routine to shake things up kind of way. My fat club Friday friends felt the same and so we have spontaneously booked a weekend away and the best thing is that we are off on Friday evening! Our plan is to weigh in, jump in the car and jet off to a little holiday cottage for two nights. We are going to make a big Nando’s style home feast and just enjoy being away from our home town for a little bit.

I’ve just kind of felt like we’ve been in the same routine for ages now with the school run and not going away for the half terms or Easter break which has been quite tough to be honest. I’m glad we’ve only got nine more school days left until the next half term. Evie will be off with her dad for a few extra nights so I can carry on with the decluttering – it’s a lot easier to do it when a small isn’t asking for something every five minutes and I know it will help my wellbeing a little.

Of course after half term it will be around six weeks until our week in Cornwall which is really helping to get me through. My next goal is to reach 17 stone by the time we go on holiday which is around 1 stone 6lbs. Totally achievable for when we go away. We’ve also booked a hotel for Weymouth in September to celebrate Evie’s 7th Birthday and I’m really glad we’ve done that. A little break at the start of the summer holidays and another at the end before heading back to school again.

Slimming down isn’t easy. I’ve just got myself a gorgeous pink FitBit to help me track my steps, sleep and calories again and it’s helped keep me motivated. I am going to try and do the 10K steps each day in June to help me get those pounds shifted. I am so proud of Adam though he’s done amazingly well this week. He’s now under twenty stone which made him feel so much better. I think when you start actually seeing those stone numbers going down it really helps.

I think what I’ve struggled with is not feeling much different. My energy levels this week have been rubbish, Evie was unwell and off school at the start of the week, I’ve been stressed about earnings a little and chasing invoices which just isn’t a nice part of the work I do but equally I need to get paid. I’ve also had so many massive spot breakouts, haven’t drunk as much water and just haven’t moved all that much. Since getting my FitBit Thursday I’ve hit my goal of 9K steps each day though.

For a bit of leisure time Adam and I went to see Alien Covenant which was a brilliant film. I loved it and it answered so many questions I had after Prometheus. If you’re a horror fan or just like the Alien franchise then I really recommend it. We took a small bag of butterkist toffee popcorn with us for 5 syns which was so much better than the big bags of popcorn. It was nice to still have that little treat though.

We’ve only done a meal plan up to Friday this week and it’s a bit scattered but to make things a bit different I’ve added some low syn wins from the Slimming World magazine and some free food snacks too. Not that I’ve been hungry this week, I’ve eaten enough, I’ve just felt low in myself. Here’s hoping for a better week next week!


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