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Creating a Home Office Space

It’s time to create a home office! I’ve been working at home for well over 18 months now and I still do the majority of my work at my coffee table hunched over a laptop. The work I do is mostly writing my books, blogging, obviously and finding other ways like Swagbucks to earn money at home. It’s important to have a work station or space so that you can achieve the right work and life balance.

Creating a home office space is tough but I have a desk, it’s a great size but it’s always full of stuff reminding me what I need to do at the end of my living room. Mostly I need to declutter again as living in a flat we don’t have a lot of storage space so a lot of my stuff just gets put on my desk until I go a little bit crazy. I need to make my desk more functional and an actual work space rather than another bit of chaos in my home.

I’ve been looking at office supplies like box files to keep my paper work together as I think these are really easy to store, look tidy and keep things in order. I’ve been particularly looking at items on Engelbert-Strauss as they have all sorts of handy office supplies like this and useful things like printer ink that I’m always running out of.

I really need a new chair as my dining table chair just isn’t comfortable to sit at for long periods of time. However, again, space is quite limited as my office is also my living room, dining room, family room and so on so instead of a chair I’ve been looking at some supportive and comfortable cushioning to make sitting there a little easier.

I work quite creatively I suppose and it’s nice to have something inspirational to look at. I won a prize in the summer with a lovely quote and I’ve been working with Sarah Taylor Art on my Christmas gift guide. Her prints are gorgeous and very lovely to look at to help those creative juices flow.

What I’m struggling with is finding a place to store my props for photographs, especially now we’re lacking in natural light In the home when I actually have time to photograph things. Perhaps I’ll had to do a series of stock photos in the summer when I have more space, time and light! I also have a lot of notebooks which are great but I suppose don’t really need to be on show all the time.

Creating a home office space is very much going to be a work in progress so do make sure you’re following me on social media and stay tuned to see what I turn my chaotic desk into!


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  1. Hi Kat, what I would do just to have room for a desk let alone a bit of office space! I have to work off my lap, which isn’t too bad, my problem is I like to have peace and quiet in which to concentrate, but in the winter that’s nigh on impossible as everyone is indoors. I am sure that your desk will provide you with the perfect office space once you have it all sorted.

    Thank you for linking up to the #MMBC.


    1. Author

      Ah thanks Deb, yes I know what you mean, I like to work in the early hours when there’s no distractions myself and it’s nice and quiet!

  2. I’d love an office space – or just a desk! My lap on the sofa will have to do for now 🙂 ox #MMBC

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