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Not that long ago I was sent some vouchers to use on Yoplait products. We decided to get some lovely Petit Filous, a pack of regular Frubes and these awesome Frube pouches because we hadn’t tried them before. We also wanted to take part in the #FrubesMoves challenge and you can see Evie’s interpretation of princess ballet dancing below.

Evie doesn’t really do a lot of dancing but she loves to freestyle! We did take her to a dance class once and she enjoyed it but she’s not the best at paying attention. She is very athletic minded though and loves to run and swim. I think we might have to try dance classes again in the future because it might actually help to tire her out a little bit – my girl does have a lot of energy!

With the movie Angry Birds being released on DVD Frubes have teamed up with Angry Birds and are having a bit of a dance off! You can head over here and egg on your favourite team, plus with every box of promotional Frubes there’s a chance to win some amazing prizes including a family trip to the Bahamas! Yes please! There’s also regular prizes on the website to win so do get involved! All you need to do is enter the code on the inside of the box this month. Every code gives you a chance to win the grand prize.

All of us like yoghurts in this house. They’re a great breakfast and they’re a great pudding. Not to mention great for growing bones and an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D – something we all need a boost of with the cloudy days and darker evenings closing in. Evie has loved trying her new yoghurts! Frubes have always been a favourite and I remember when they came out! Squeezy yoghurts? What a treat!

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I think yoghurts are a great way to ensure children are getting extra vitamins and minerals into their diets because they’re so versatile. You can mix them up into smoothies, spoon over fruit, have as a pancake filling or just give those Frubes a squeeze for a quick, portable snack!

We had the pouches in Strawberry and Raspberry. They’re a bit bigger than the regular Frubes but still ideal for little hands…I think the raspberry was our favourite as it was lovely, creamy and sweet. They have been an ideal go to breakfast and snack. Evie doesn’t like to eat too much in the mornings but she is absolutely starving when she gets home and as these are tasty and full of goodness I’m happy to let her crack on with them!

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