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Lounge & Nightwear Gift Guide for Women

With the nights closing in, getting cooler and darker, you may be looking for new night and lounge wear to snuggle up in or perhaps you’re looking for gift ideas and want to find something a little more on the luxurious side. I have put together a gift guide on luxury ladies nightwear to help give a little inspiration and help to find something just a bit special. Everyone likes to cosy up on the sofa on a cold Autumn evening, perhaps surrounded by kids or after a day at work, there’s nothing like getting into a fresh pair of PJ’s, a cosy, fleece dressing gown or just swapping the suit for some comfy jersey lounge wear.

Dressing Gowns

There are so many to choose from and everyone has different tastes. I like a shorter, thinner material gown for the summer and a long, fluffy one for the winter. They come in all different shapes and sizes. My advice is to keep the colour fairly neutral or go with warming tones. If you’re looking for a gown to wrap up in after a shower then take a look at a toweling robe.

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My favourite material for Pj’s is jersey style ones because they are really nice and cosy. I prefer to have a set that cover my elbows and my knees but again there are a variety of styles. When looking for PJ’s for the winter, try ones with 3/4 sleeves and bottoms. Fleece lined tops, I find, can get a bit uncomfortable as you can still get very warm in these so perhaps fleece lined bottoms and a thinner top might work best. When choosing the colour of PJ’s I love floral patterns as they’re fairly neutral, cosy and look really cute. However, again going for warming colours can appeal in the winter. If you’re stuck, navy is a lovely colour, suits most people and is a flattering tone.

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Slippers and Bed Socks

I don’t know about you but I always have to have something on my feet so a pair of fluffy socks or slippers is ideal, it keeps me warm and cosy. There’s nothing better when you get home from being in the rain than changing into a pair of fresh, clean fluffy slippers. I love ankle boot style slippers when I’m walking around the home during the day and a fluffy pair of socks at night when curling up on the sofa or reading a good book. I think the ballerina style is really pretty and ideal for wearing around the home.

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Lounge Wear

This is ideal for those lazy weekends where you don’t feel like leaving the house but want to wear something a bit more substantial than bed wear. Think comfort but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. I love comfy leggings and long tops to cuddle up in but also still look presentable when I answer the door. When thinking of a gift for others I would look at items that are comfy and in darker colours like navy or black. I love the look of this relaxing dress, perfect for day wear on a weekend, comfy, stylish and easy to pull on in the morning. Perfect.

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Either way, when looking for luxury ladies nightwear, you need to think style and comfort.

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