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I need a new phone!

I’ve been an iPhone fan for almost four years now and have gone through three upgrades. I’m currently using the iPhone 5S and I have six months to go until I can renew my contract and upgrade however I’ve been with the same service provider for years and I would really like to know what other companies offer. I found a really useful site which gives loads of relevant and useful information about different Mobile service providers and I’m finding it really helpful in my decision. If you’re looking for information on other networks then head on over to http://www.mobilenetworkguide.com/

I guess the next question really is which upgrade should I go for! Despite so many people telling me how much they love Samsung I’m just not convinced. I have really small hands and I struggle enough as it is with the way smart phones are just getting bigger and I really don’t think I could ever turn my back on iPhone now. I’ve had a good look and I think I have fallen a little bit in love with the iPhone 6S and I am hoping to go for the one in rose gold because it looks so pretty.

iphone 6s, rose gold iphone

Being a blogger and a networker I need to have a decent phone and the thing that I am struggling most with at the moment is the memory. I’ve always had 16GB but it just isn’t enough when so much of that memory goes on the user system. I think I’m going to consider the 64GB upgrade because having all that memory for beautiful photos, videos and all the various Apps I like to use. I have to admit the camera is a big selling point for me too I just wish I could have the phone before I head off on my cruise! However, I will be getting it just in time for my Birthday and Christmas which is great!

What about you, what phone do you love and what has your experience been like with your network provider?


***This post is in collaboration with Mobile Network Guide***



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  1. I got more memory on my phone (I have the 6 plus) and I couldnt be without it!

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