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Redesigning My Bathroom

We’ve been in our little flat now for about three and a half years and never really got around to finishing off the bathroom. It’s a shame really as we have quite a large bathroom and it is in need of some re-design. I’m not looking at doing anything drastic really but I would really like to paint it another colour from the bright blue and lime green it currently is. At the time I thought this would be a good idea but now…well I want a nice bright pink and black bathroom.

I am very much in the planning stage at the moment and trying to create some ideas. The first thing we could do, obviously, is paint it however that does take time as we will have to paint over the green and blue first. I personally would love all the walls to be a lovely bright pink colour and then contrast this with darker coloured accessories. I love the look of this black shower curtain.

Photo Credit: Tropik Home Brighton

Photo Credit: Tropik Home Brighton

I think tile stickers are a great way to add a bit more colour into your bathroom and I love some of the crystal mosiac patterns I’ve found. I really do need to sort out the floor too and want to keep it easy with tiles. For now, some nice new bathroom mats would do the job!

Bathroom storage is always good. I’ve got a cabinet and what’s supposed to be a blanket box in there to store towels. I would love to paint both of these to give them a shabby chic feel as I really love that style of furniture! It looks like I’ve got a lot to do before I’ve got the ideal bathroom. I’ve put together a Pinterest board below full of my ideas and inspiration.

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  1. I’m planning to redo my bathroom when I go back to work after maternity leave so I’ll be watching this with interest!

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