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My Rose Gold Style Guide

This is a collaborative post.

“I’ll take the Rose Gold one please.” I said a few months ago to the O2 sales team. I was upgrading my iPhone to the 6S and loved the colour. Rose Gold products have recently been a bit of an in thing and I have to say I have been converted. I love Rose Gold, it is metallicky gorgeousness. After recently receiving a beautiful Rose Gold bangle from Browns Family Jewellers and thought I would show off a few other items I have in this shade.

Rose Gold Vamp Bangle

The bangle is a gorgeous, dainty little thing with a clip in clasp to connect it together. It is a little awkward to do with one hand but much easier than trying to connect little rings through hoops. The colour, the shape, the flexibility of it are all plus points and I absolutely loved the gorgeous vamp packaging. The bracelet was presented around a little cushion which I believe is to help hold shape in transit. I think this is a perfect item for day time and evening looks plus Rose Gold seems to be a colour that matches well with just about anything. The bracelet is very comfortable to wear, so much so I often forget I’m wearing it at all.

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Rose Gold iPhone 6S

This was the iPhone for me. I love the colour, I love the shape and I love my phone. Even though matching accessories and technology isn’t really a must have for me, I love that I can do that with the few things I have. I carry my phone around with me everywhere and the most important thing for me was the memory size and sticking with an iPhone. I love that the 6S has a variety of shades to choose from too, although phones aren’t fashion accessories, it’s nice when they match.

Rose Gold Gift Ideas

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Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks

These were a Christmas gift from Adam and one I completely forgot I’d asked for. The lipsticks looked…questionable…wrapped up in wrapping paper but I was so happy to open them. I have two of these lipsticks, one in red and one in purple. They are so pretty and I love having them as part of my makeup collection.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks, Affordable Rose Gold Make Up

Rose Gold Misfit Shine 2

I am so pleased that I have this gorgeous piece of tech on my arm. The Misfit Shine 2 is a gorgeous piece of wearable activity device. The colour is lovely, it looks like a watch, it’s comfortable and flexible to wear. What more do you need? I love how this tracks my steps and sleep. I love checking in with it on the App too. It is a really stylish and functional piece of technology and the colour was a bonus. Again it fits in with all kinds of clothing, day wear and evening wear. It still looks stylish enough to wear on a day out. It’s also waterproof which is a bonus if you’re tracking your swimming activity.

Rose Gold Misfit Shine 2, Rose Gold Fitness Tracker, Rose Gold Sleep Tracker, Rose Gold Wearable Device

The Happiness Planner

So it might not be strictly Rose Gold but it is Pink and Gold and it is an absolutely gorgeous planner. I love using it, I love the colour of it and it fits in nicely with the theme.

There are so many other rose gold items that I could add to my wishlist. A pair of rose gold Vans, they look so stylish and comfortable. I love a rose gold nail varnish too and there are some absolutely gorgeous rose gold makeup brushes about!

Rose Gold Happiness Planner

What is your favourite colour for accessories?






  1. I have always loved rose gold… and I am so excited that it’s trending right now. There are so many lovely options. I really LOVE the bangle, so classy. It can be dressed up or down. Totally swoon worthy!!!

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