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A Safe Home This Winter

8 Top tips to keep your home safe this winter.

I’m sure as the nights are drawing in and getting cooler we are all spending a bit more time indoors however home safety should be a priority all year round. We are all talking about what gifts we would like and are buying this time of year, or taking advantage of upcoming sale events like Black Friday, talking about our bargains, however this is an invitation into your home. It’s so easy these days to track where we live, what we’re buying and so ensuring our homes are safe is so important. Here are a few of my top tips this winter to keep your home safe.

  1. Keep windows and doors locked and double check before you leave the house. Not only will this help keep some of the heat in but it will help keep your mind at ease.
  2. Install a burglar alarm system if you haven’t already and get it tested regularly. It’s important you choose the right alarm for your home so make sure you get any advice from a reputable company.
  3. Close the curtains of your property when you’re leaving the home to avoid valuables and electronics being clear on display, or, as my mum likes to, add some good old fashioned net curtains. If you’re out in the evening perhaps consider leaving a lamp or light on with a low watt energy bulb. Lighting in the home is an excellent deterrent. An exterior light is also a great deterrent, particularly those on a timer or motion senser.
  4. Get a dog. They’re naturally protective of their loved ones and will alert you if there are any suspicious noises.
  5. Ensure you have home insurance, read through your policy documents and make sure your belongings are protected.
  6. Keep valuables in a secure location. You might consider installing a space safe if you have a lot of high value tech gadgets or jewellery.
  7. See if your area is a neighbourhood watch area, there’s safety in numbers and with more people being vigilant the better.
  8. If you keep anything in a shed or outbuilding, avoid storing high valued items in here and make sure it is fitted with a good lock.

As a final note, be careful what you post online. Its nice to share our purchases and bargains with friends and family but anything that is uploaded online can easily be tracked. Stay safe and vigilant!


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