Car essentials

7 Car Essentials

With the weather getting warmer and people looking to travel further up and down the country at weekends and during the holidays there are more cars on the road and so I think there are a few things to keep with you just in case you breakdown to help keep you safe and hopefully as little stress as possible.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for a few examples of the mentioned essentials below.

  1. Torch – An essential item should you break down at night. I know a lot of smart phones have a torch these but you can’t guarantee the battery will last so it’s always good to have a backup.
  2. Blanket – we live in England, even in the summer we are prone to cold, wet nights. Good to have to keep warm or if you have passengers that are prone to moaning.
  3. Spare batteries/Phone Charger – You can get some really great portable chargers for smart phones these days. Of course to keep these powered up and to make sure you can use a torch, keeping some spare batteries is a key thing to have.
  4. Small basic tool kit
  5. Car manufacture manual – doesn’t really need to be anywhere else except in the car and will have any safety instructions should you need them. Other important documents should include insurance and breakdown or recovery details too.
  6. Something to entertain children if you’ll be travelling with them. There’s nothing worse than grumpy toddlers or young people that are stuck in a car. A couple of books or small toys will help to keep them entertained whilst you wait for assistance. This is where spare chargers and batteries can help too, especially with older children that rely on technology so much these days. I personally recommend this fun family game.
  7. Spare Tyre & Car Jack – cars these days have a compartment under the boot which allows for a spare tyre to be kept their safely and out of the way. Tyre’s these days are also very accessible and can easily be ordered online so you can ensure you always have one kept just in case. There are a few things you should keep in mind should you need to change a tyre and where the above items might help you. Always make sure you have pulled over correctly and are at a safe distance from nearby traffic. Always use your car manufacturer handbook which should have safety tips and information included. Ensure the tyre you have is correct for your make and model, this can easily be done at using your car registration safety, car essnetials, tyre safety

Of course, it is important to remember if you can’t fix the issue yourself ask for help. Don’t just leave a problem, especially when travelling as it could become a lot worse and a lot more expensive.


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