a day out with family in salisbury

A Family Weekend and Belated Birthday Celebrations

With Evie being away every other weekend she missed my birthday we decided to celebrate when she was home with a day out in Salisbury which is only twenty minutes on the train from us.

cupboard cleaning

The day started with some casual child labor as I decided to clean out all the kitchen cupboards. Evie helped with the ones I couldn’t reach and together we threw out a lot of old stuff. It was great to just get them cleared out and it’s really helped with my meal planning and organisation for next year.

We got the train at 11.30 and arrived in Salisbury twenty minutes later. Salisbury is a gorgeous historical city in Wiltshire and I’ve spent a lot of time there in my years.

visit salisbury, old church, gothic architecture

I used to head up on the bus from my village with friends for a trip to the cinema or shopping. It’s such a beautiful city to walk around with it’s wonderful architecture, rivers running through and cobbled streets. It has a fantastic Christmas market in December which I went to with some mum friends.

visit salisbury, wiltshire, tower

We were all pretty hungry when we arrived so headed down to Nandos for some lunch. The Nandos in Salisbury is located on the top left side of the main market square in the city centre and is very close to the cinema.

visit salisbury, river in salisbury, wiltshire

I love how Salisbury’s city centre is really easy to get around. It was really nice having some time together and some good food. I do love Nandos, mainly because I really like chicken.
nandos menu

We had some lovely starters thanks to the All Together Now deal Nando’s offer and that gave ussome mixed olives, red pepper dip and spicy houmous. This came with warm pitta to dip in.
nandos in salisbury, spicy olives

I love the starters Nandos offer. We always like to take advantage of the bottomless soft drinks and I love the dressings they have for salads even though I always have a burger.
nandos salisbury salad dressings, yummy salad dressings

We tried the new Sunset Burger on the menu which is two chicken breasts with cheese and a delicious relish. They were so tasty and a new favourite. I’ve tried to create a similar version at home which was tasty, but it’s never as good is it?
nandos chicken burger

We then had a bit of a walk around and a browse in some shops. Browsing with kids is never really fun but Evie was really well behaved. She really enjoyed having a look and a play in Tiger whilst we were looking for a gift for Adam’s mum. We also got the Ezio Collection of Assassins Creed on PS4 as a belated birthday present for me which I was incredibly happy about and have enjoyed playing.
tiger in salisbury, flamingo glasses

Before heading back we decided to try Sprinkles which is an ice cream parlour. We underestimated how large these delicious ice creams were but very much enjoyed them with a nice cup of coffee.

sprinkles salisbury, latte

Evie choose the Sprinkles Lipgloss sundae, I went for a Kinder Bueno one and Adam had a huge chocolate fudge brownie sundae.
sprinkles lipgloss salisbury, ice cream sundae
We are planning on going back another day to try a few other things on the menu. I would love to try the cookie dough dishes.
ice cream sundae, kinder beuno sundae, sprinkles salisbury

After an afternoon wondering, walking and feeling incredibly full it was time to head back home on the train. Family weekends like this are really lovely and sometimes it’s nice to indulge a little bit. I love having good transport links to nearby cities because it means we are never really far from anything and can get out and about easily. Another lovely city we have explored and enjoyed before as a family is Bristol. Mrs H’s Favourite Things lists seven things to do in Bristol here. We have also visited the Brunel Museum and had a river tour which was a lot of fun!

What have you done recently? What do you like to do as a family on a weekend?


  1. Looks like the perfect day! We love a Nandos too – funny, because our youngest is a shocking eater, but even from really little she can demolish a Nandos… #thatsmygirl
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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