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Bath Spa – things for families…

So we said goodbye to January in style with a little family trip to Bath, just the three of us and had a lovely time.

Bath is a great place for families to visit and as we hand not been before we thought it would make a change to do something a little different.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Bath which is in an amazing location for travellers – we found it ideal for our family of three. I believe we paid £100 for a family room through It was about a fifteen minute walk from the train station and just over the river. We were pretty happy when we got to the hotel as the sofa bed had already been made up for mini-Kat and it was a pretty good size extra bed! Something two small people could easily sleep on anyway…the hotel had crisp, clean linen and a clean and spacious shower room.

There’s no evening restaurant but there’s a fair few eateries around however- we made the HUGE MISTAKE of having a Pizza Hut takeaway which was just awful…I’m not a huge fan of pizza at the best of times but this was greasy and just nasty tasting….moving swiftly on we slept soundly all night and took advantage of the continental breakfast the next day – I was so impressed with the choice considering the breakfast was included in the rate of the room. Lovely crosients and pastures, muffins, toast and a huge choice of jams, cereals and fruit and yoghurt as well as a select few hot choices too…that was really impressive.

We decided to do lots of walking around Bath and checked out of our hotel around 9am for our first stop The Royal Crescent

roman baths museum in bath spa

It was quite a sight as you can see! We then headed into the city centre and straight for the Roman Baths. I was so impressed with this museum, at first I thought it was quite expensive at £14 per adult, mini Kat being under five was free, but it is really decieving how much there really is to see as you just thing of the one main big bath but there is so much more. I thought there would be some difficulty walking around with Evie but there’s a lovely little activity room which makes it just perfect for younger audiences to enjoy a bit of history. It allowed you to take part in some Roman themed activities which were quite fun and educational…I made a magnetic mosaic…

There is so much to see and I really recommend a trip to Roman Baths even with a small child….there is a chance for them to do a walk around activity where you find things out as well so it just makes it a more well rounded experience for them. Here are a few more pics of this amazing piece of history…

We then decided to grab something to eat and made another first at TGI Fridays which was delicious!

bath spa things to do in bath for families

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