Getting Holiday Ready

I can not believe I am going on holiday next week. It’s been six months since our last trip abroad and I am so ready for our cruise. For those of you that don’t know we are off to cruise along the Norwegian Fjords for seven days on the Azura which is one of the larger ships in P&O’s fleet. We really can’t wait! However we have left getting completely holiday ready until last minute. There are still so many things I feel like I need to sort out!

For one, my body confidence. Once again willpower has defeated me and I have not lost any more weight since I started eating healthier. I’ve walked more but I haven’t really been swimming so I’m planning a few mad dashes out and about over the next few weeks to walk more and fit in the gym alongside eating as clean as possible. I’m also increasing my vitamins and drinking a lot of water. No fizzy drinks until we’re on board that ship and certainly no wine!

I only have one dress suitable for a black tie event. Well, not strictly true but I would have liked another dress. I’ll be mooching around our local charity shops to see if I can find something. I’ve had some really good luck with dresses from charity stores before and they’re always in lovely condition.

I’ve left fixing my eyebrows and nails until the night before we go. But I do have an appointment with my good friend who is coming to my home to make sure I am as holiday ready as I can be. Absolutely no idea what colour to go for though! I want my nails to match my clothes but I’ll be changing every day so I’m matching them to the shoes I’m taking. I’ve also had to cut it down to a pair of flats, a pair of heels, trainers and flip flops. I’ve never been the girl to take four pairs of shoes on holiday but when you have to go to fancy dinners and also hiking mountains, well, you need to be prepared right?

Things I have been doing to be holiday ready include finding out all the places I want to visit when I’m in port. We haven’t booked any excursions as we want to explore each port so we’ve been finding and pricing up the things we want to do so we can budget our spending money. I’ve also sourced a suit bag for Adam and a large suitcase because we are so going to need that. My sister is letting me borrow her camera so I can showcase our trip in beautiful photos too which is really nice of her. I’ve also got our passports and travel insurance details sorted. I just need to buy printer ink so that I can print our e-tickets so we can board and I need to buy a raincoat. Can you believe I don’t actually own a coat?! Something I really don’t want to spend a fortune on but with the weather in Norway being as unpredictable as it is here then I know I’ll need it.

Most of all, I’m holiday ready because I am so super excited to be spending a week with my lovely boyfriend exploring a new country. I can’t wait to be sipping coffee on my balcony each morning and taking in the views along the fjords. I can’t wait to sample loads of amazing food and work on my photography. A part of me really can’t wait to blog about the whole thing either. If you want to see snapshots of my holiday then do make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram!

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  1. have fun you sound super prepared!

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