new forest wildlife park

New Forest Wildlife Park

We recently visited the New Forest Wildlife Park as a family. It was a fantastic day out and full of lots of animals in well designed, spacious enclosures and a unique way of allowing guests to get up close to the animals whilst letting them roam free. For just under £30 for two adults and 1 child under 13 we had a really lovely day.

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The Wildlife Park is situated near Ashurst in the new forest, around two miles from the train station, on a cycle route and has ample parking for cars and coaches. The park has two adventure playgrounds, one for younger children with a large sandpit and one for older children with bigger swings, climbing frames and picnic benches for lunch and a chance to get the kids to let of some steam with a good run around. Their is also a restaurant situated at the front of the park which is open to guests and the general public.

new forest wildlife park childrens play area

The only toilets in the park are situated at the front too. The park is very clearly signposted and follows a clear circular route to the adventure playgrounds and all the animals to ensure you don’t miss anything. The ground is quite uneven with tree routes and slopes but we saw plenty of push chairs and a few guests in wheelchairs being able to get around to all parts of the park so it is very accessible.

new forest wildlife park picnic lunch

We decided to take a picnic with us so made great use of the picnic benches inside the adventure playground. We spend our time in the one for younger children as it was more suitable but the larger park looked like great fun.    ne thing my daughter loved was being able to get up close and personal with the Deer in the park. There is a lovely Deer enclosure which allows guests to have a good walk around but the Deer are also walking around too! There’s a clear path for guests to stick to with a grassy area in the middle which has wooden fence around it and gaps for the Deer to walk in and out as they please. It gives guests a chance to see them and give them a little, gentle stroke as well as gives the Deers a chance for some quiet as guests aren’t allowed to follow them onto the grass. There are hand foam dispenses at the entrance/exit to maintain hygiene after touching the animals. Adam and I loved the Wolf enclosure. It was huge and we got excellent glimpses at these beautiful animals in their pack.

new forest wildlife park deer

The New Forest Wildlife Park is a great family day out and features lots of animals including a great number of Owls which I loved and a lovely big Butterfly house to wonder around. It was a great chance to see some animals I hadn’t seen before including a Lynx and a Badger.    here are plenty of talks and encounters to be had throughout the day to learn more about the animals with the experienced keepers as well as daily feeding talks. If you enjoy Nature parks and seeing more wildlife and happen to be in Lincolnshire you can take a look at The Minimal PI’s post on the Whisby Nature Park.

Deer In Woodland, New Forest Wildlife Park Family Day Out


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