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Our Family Travel Wishlist

I’ve put together a family travel wishlist now we are a family of four. There are so many places I want to go and visit with my children over the next few years in the UK and abroad. Some places on my family travel wishlist are new, some are places Adam and I went to as children and want to return and others are places we’ve already been before but want to share that with our growing family. Do you have a family travel wishlist? Where do you recommend and where has been your favourite place?

Our Family Travel Wishlist for the next Five Years

One thing Adam and I both agree on is how valuable and important holidays are. Neither of us had very many holidays growing up but we both have such amazing memories of the places we visit. The holidays I had stand out in my mind more than any toy I got at Christmas because they were fun. I want my children to have those fun memories too and in fact Evangeline already remembers more of where we have been on holiday or days out than the simple things and old gifts she’s had. Family holidays are important to us because it is time together, a chance to explore, create memories, learn and change the routine a little bit. It will be a while before our son has these same memories and experiences but hopefully as he will grow up these memories will make him excited about travelling to new places in the future. Creating a family travel wishlist is a great way to think about places we know we would love as adults and where our children can have fun too.

A Cruise Holiday

I have blogged a lot about cruising and how family friendly they are which is why I would love for our first holiday as a family of four to be a cruise trip. There are kids clubs, great food, swimming pools and new places to see. I would happily cruise along the Norwegian fjords again to share this experience with my children and I think it’s something Evangeline would absolutely love. It would be amazing to sit with her on our balcony with breakfast in the morning gliding through those beautiful, mountainous fjords. She does have an appreciation for nature and beautiful things although I imagine she would only sit there for a few minutes before wanting to play. And that is fine because it’s a holiday for her too!

Return to Isle of Wight

I think the Isle of Wight is going to become our place we return to year after year for our family caravan holiday. Adam and I have even talked about getting married there because it holds so many special memories for us. I love a good caravan holiday too as it gives Evie lots of freedom for playing and swimming which in turn will allow Felix to do the same when he gets older. It’s the sort of easy four night, Monday to Friday holiday that we would probably take close to the end of the school year or during a half term so that we can make the most of our time together.


I loved Butlins as a kid but it is a pretty expensive break and one I think would be better reserved for when Adam is driving and has a car. I loved going as a child and actually went when I was pregnant with Evie for a week. They have so much going on there and the entertainment is always enjoyable so I think it would be a great way to spend a weekend off together.

Making Use of Merlin Passes

We both really enjoy theme parks so as part of our family travel wishlist I would love to get Merlin passes for us so that we could enjoy them all and a few sealife centres too. I think I worked out that we would need to visit at least four times to get our monies worth and I think it’s something we would really make a lot of effort with as they can be great days out. It also doesn’t matter if we can’t get on all the rides because we can just go back without paying that steep entrance price.

An All Inclusive Beach Holiday

I think this is something I would enjoy more than Adam to be honest as he’s not a huge fan of the heat. Actually not the beach part is negotiable too so we are not really beach people but I would love to have that experience of everything paid for and sorted resort holiday. I want to have a week in the sun with my children, swimming through the day and just loving life really! We were supposed to do this last month but I fell pregnant which meant we couldn’t go. A real shame as it would have been amazing.

Disney World

i have always wanted to go to Disneyworld and having children gives me the perfect reason to go. I think it would be better to wait until Felix is older so that he can enjoy the trip too. It’s absolutely up there on my family travel wishlist though but whilst he is still small and our budget is less, there is always the possibility of returning to Disneyland Paris.


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