Spring is in the Air…Holiday Season is approaching & Giveaway

win, prize, comp, competition, giveaway, blog giveawayHow fast has this term passed us by? I can’t quite believe my daughter breaks up for the Easter Holidays next week! This is our first school year and it’s gone by so fast. With Easter break in mind a lot of families take advantage of the two weeks out of school and start thinking about breaks away. For me a good Britsh staycation is camping, or glamping or holiday parks. Anywhere you can get to, park up, unpack and have fun.

Camping has always been a big part of my childhood. I used to go for a week away in the Summer with my nan and grandad, sometimes my sister would come too. My grandparents had a caravan so we would drive down to somewhere along the south coast – usually the same place, I want to say near Chard but I really can’t remember how true that is…The camping park had an area full of mobile homes and an area for the caravans and tents. My favourite part was always the big adventure playground. Sometimes we’d head out to the beach but mostly it was just relaxing, having fun and making new friends as children do.

I’ve been to Butlins in Minehead three times staying in the chalets. Twice when I was young and once when I was about seven months pregnant. It was a really lovely warm week filled with sun, sitting on the beach and walking down to the Market. I really want to take Mini Kat there too.

Getting Cosy in our Caravan

Getting Cosy in our Caravan

The best caravan park we went to was in October 2014 on the Isle of Wight. It was the first holiday for the three of us and I’d never been to the Isle of Wight before so I was really excited. It was out of term time so it was a cheap week. It was beautiful, the caravan was lovely, the park had a nice swimming pool and great entertainment that my daughter really enjoyed joining in with.family holidays, camper fan, evening, sunset

Camping still remains in my family. My dad is a pretty big fan and has had Dave the Camper for a little while now. He’s very proud of it and working on getting it looking lovely. He’s mentioned about taking Mini Kat out in the summer for a little weekend break too. My nan and my uncle also run a camping business providing supplies to campervans and go around in the summer doing shows.VW Mug, Giveway

If you are able to head over to their Facebook Page at the moment they are currently giving away some of the products you’ve seen in this post! They were kind enough to give me some of the items to showcase for you and includes a Bone China Volkswagen Mug, Pencils and a pack of coasters.vw mug, obriens camping, camping, holidays

I’d love to know what is a true British or Summer holiday to you? Tell me in the comments!

This post is in collaboration with Obrien’s Camping.

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  1. We love camping too and can’t wait till the weather is good enough to go camping again even if it’s just over the weekend 🙂

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      Def glamping for me too, I don’t mind caravans but tents…as a kid in my garden they were great fun though!

  2. We love camping too and are hoping to go a few times this year although I must admit I hate it when it rains lol. I’m definetly more of a dry weather camper lol. The products look lovely x

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  3. I’ve always dreamed of having a campervan and I love camping in a tent too, although I’ve never been on a caravan holiday. We’ll probably head to a European one next summer when the kids are 3 and 1 xx

  4. I really want to take Monkey camping but Hubby doesn’t like it so I am struggling although we have stayed in a couple of static caravan but only out of season. I guess it gets quite expensive once they are at school? Monkey starts in Sept so we will be in the same boat after the Summer x

  5. I used to go caravanning when I was younger in Little Whittering in Sussex if you know it? It is beautiful there and Isle of Wight is lovely. For me my ideal holiday is in the sun abroad exploring, taking pictures, going out and swimming in the sea!

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