The Top 5 Restaurants to Soothe Your Taste Buds in Singapore

Whether for leisure or for a honeymoon, Singapore stands tall as one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world. If any of your friends in India have been recently married and are planning a honeymoon abroad, it is possible that Singapore is on their list. The Lion City has not just been recognized as a favorite shopping destination among travelers, but also as a renowned food hub. Besides, you do not name the place as the Food Capital of Asia without a darn good reason.

Singapore has everything from traditional hawker-based restaurants to exotic Michelin-starred gourmet locales for an enriched experience of a lifetime. In fact, Singapore’s cuisine is a reflection of its culture and lifestyle. Being a food and shopping hub for tourists worldwide, flight bookings from almost all major cities around the world are available easily, including India. The best part is the airfare does not rip your pocket apart. For example, Chennai to Singapore flights booking cost less than Rs. 10,000 (one-way) and even lesser, if booked in advance.  

Top restaurants that you mustn’t ignore in Singapore

Boasting of an elegant multicultural heritage, the city offers numerous cuisines to its huge population. With an increase in food connoisseurs in the place, Singapore’s dining profile has witnessed an impressive rise over the past decade. This has ranked Singaporean restaurants among the top food outlets in the world. While some of these joints can be expensive, the food presented at such fine dining locations in the city is one-of-a-kind.

Having said that, let us take a look at the top 5 Singaporean restaurants, where the food is sure to tickle your taste buds.


  • Iggy’s

Located at the Hilton Hotel, Iggy’s mesmerizes its customers with seasonal dishes from Australia, Japan and Europe. It offers a distinct feasting experience and has been rightly named as one of the top restaurants in many popular restaurant rankings since the year 2004.

  • Waku Ghin

From the day Waku Ghin started in 2010 at Marina Bay Sands, visitors lined up to enjoy its serene atmosphere along with lavishly cooked dishes composed of the freshest of ingredients. Moreover, the restaurant is known for its exclusivity as it provides its 10-course appetizing menu only for 25 guests at a time. Being a part of these 25 is a luxury only the rich can afford, as the average price at this place is a whopping $400.

  • Gunther’s

If you love French cuisine, then Gunther’s is a must-visit. Enjoy classic or modern grubs at this fine restaurant situated at Purvis Street. Not to mention, the sophisticated ambience at the location will make you feel like a royal soul as you enjoy your dinner.

  • JAAN

Located at Swissotel The Stamford’s 70th floor, JAAN will easily leave you spellbound. Besides the admirable and intoxicating view of the waterways and skyline, JAAN pampers its crowd with its innovative and artisanal dishes. Plus, they emphasize on seasonal constituents that you will truly relish.

  • Shinji

For sushi lovers, Shinji is the place to dine at. Founded by the two Michelin star-holder chef Shinji Kanesaka, this is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore, which exclusively serves seafood. Shinji offers a Japanese-styled environment where the savory dishes are created right in front of the customer seated at a wooden counter facing the chef. This traditional style has fascinated tourists over the years for its relaxing environment as they witness the beautiful dishes elegantly prepared by the talented chefs in front of them.  

Even though these restaurants are some of the best ones in Singapore, there are many others that you can try out when visiting the city. Before starting your vacation, ensure you have a fun and food-packed itinerary to follow. While Sentosa and Universal Studios will complete one part of your trip, dining at some of these will satiate the other. Some outlets might be expensive, but as a foodie travelling for five to six days, you would surely not mind spending a few extra bucks to try new and exclusive cuisines. So whether you are booking flights from Chennai to Singapore or travelling to the city from some other part of the world, rest assured you are set out on a memorable journey to the land of exotic dishes.


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