travel to borneo

Travel to Borneo

Borneo is a beautiful island located in Malaysia with a great range of things to see and do. A large portion of the island is Indonesian and a quick visit to Rtctraveluk has lots of key facts which I really recommend reading if this is a destination you are hoping to visit.

The island is huge when comparing to other islands which means there is a lot of gorgeous scenery to take advantage of. As it’s close to the equator, Borneo experiences a tropical climate making it a perfect place for rain forests filled with some amazing wildlife. It’s truly a destination you will not forget. Borneo is ideal for those that enjoy outdoor activities when traveling such as hiking, jungle trekking and seeking out wildlife in their natural habitats.


You can expect to find a huge variety of colourful dishes and food when visiting the island. Bambangan is a species of wild mango which has many uses as it is such a versatile fruit. Bario rice is grown here in the highlands and is regarded by some as one of the finest rices in the world. Laksa is a must have to try as a traditional Malaysian dish and you’ll find plenty of vibrant curries. A great place for those that love spicy food.


Depending on your needs there is a huge range of places to stay when visiting Borneo from hostels to beautiful boutique hotels and beach side resorts. If you’re wanting to see more of the island and just need a bed to sleep a hostel would be ideal but for those seeking a more relaxing holiday then perhaps a beach resort would be ideal. For those that want the ultimate luxury there are even a few spa hotels to choose from.

What To Do

Here are my top three recommendations of things to do when visiting this beautiful country. There is of course, much more to do and I would suggest Borneo as a destination for solo or small groups of travelers. It is a place more suited to the seasoned traveler and does not really speak to me as a destination with young children but this is a place I could endlessly travel around with my partner.

things to do in borneoVisit the Orangutan sanctuary

This is located in the Malaysian Sabah district of North Boreno and is the perfect place to visit if you want to see Orangutan’s in their natural habitat. Certainly a must see for those wanting to visit the island. This facility is a rehabilitation area for abandoned animals and provides medical care. It is a fantastic place to visit to learn more about these animals without being invasive.

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Mount Kinabalu

I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful setting to climb too. It is a two day climb to a stunning view point for breathtaking panoramic views for the seasoned climber. What a beautiful setting to watch the sunrise in too.


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Scuba Diving

There is so much to see both on top of and in the water surrounding Borneo and has some of the best dive spots to see an underwater world including swimming with sea turtles.

Booking a holiday here would be like a once in a lifetime opportunity and a place on many travelers bucket lists, so it’s important to get all the information possible. There is so much to see and do so I would recommend booking your tours with a reputable agent such as RTC Travel UK who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry and can provide you with all the necessary information, things to see and do when traveling through this beautiful island.

Is Borneo a place you would like to visit? What would you recommend doing there?

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