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Warm up with the perfect Cuppa!

Our recent trip to Warwick was really lovely and one of the things I really wanted to talk about was our trip to the beautiful Thomas Oken Tea Rooms on the walk back from the Castle. After a night of glamping and the beautiful English weather being it’s usual indecisive self we wanted somewhere warm and a proper cup of tea and so the timing of finding this little gem was just perfect.

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The perfect cuppa

The tea rooms are set in a beautiful¬†home which was built by Thomas Oken over five hundred years ago and have exactly the right kind of feel for what I would call a proper tea room. You enter into a warm and friendly environment with plenty of tidy clutter and a real shabby chic feel which is just beautiful and fits in really well. We were asked if we would like to sit upstairs and were taken to a very cosy corner with comfy chairs and a low table. The menus are in old hardback book covers and feature plenty of lovely tea, coffee, soft drinks and light bites such as sandwiches, scones and other snacks. I really love the look of these tea rooms, they’re just beautiful and have fantastic surroundings for a good cuppa and a chance to chat with friends. As this is an old home it has some fantastic character and charm with low beams and fine details. I love how the rooms are kept as rooms rather than opening them all up as it makes it a perfect place for a private party or function as you have plenty privacy when having a whole room to yourself and your party.



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Our tea experience

The setting is really very cosy with a range of sofas, comfy chairs and upright dining chairs and tables. Upstairs seemed to have more sofas whilst downstairs looked a bit more like a dining room. Despite it being fairly busy when we arrived – probably because of the weather, we didn’t have to wait long for our food and drinks to arrive and we didn’t feel all closed in together so it was nice to relax and warm up.

We ordered a Warwick Cream Tea with a giant scone, Jersey cream and jam, served with a large pot of English Breakfast Tea complete with a large pot, tea strainer and two beautiful china tea cups. We also ordered a rose lemonade – my partner really has a thing for rose scented and flavoured things at the moment…and a Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae for the birthday girl, alongside a diet coke. The tea cups were beautiful and everything matched which was really lovely. The tea was hot and full of flavour. I believe we managed to get around three cups each (between two of us) from the teapot which I think is great. We paid around ¬£16 for our drinks and snacks which I think is really good value. The scone really was giant and it took three of us to finish it completely but it was served warm and there was a choice of plain or fruit scone available. Thinking my last afternoon tea was at The Ritz in June this was obviously very different but still had fantastic flavours, great service and a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

The birthday girl enjoying her Ice Cream

The menu is quite large for a tea room but most of this was different flavours of tea. There was the English Breakfast Tea which was lovely but also a great range of Ceylon, Green, Black, White and Caffiene free tea. I would really love to try the Rooibos they have on offer as it’s one of my favourites. Also on offer was a number of afternoon tea tiers enough for one, two and I believe one for four also. These featured teas, scones and sandwiches which you could choose from the sandwich menu available.

The staff were all very friendly and patient considering we had a child with us who was quite determined to help tidy the china and it took a lot of convincing that that wasn’t the best idea she’d had.


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