Winter Sun Holidays

Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

I am one of those people that suffer from SAD, Winter is not my favourite season with the dark nights, lack of sunlight and general gloominess so a Winter Sun holiday is absolutely high up on my list of priorities. We always look for something fun to do in December because it’s my birthday right at the end and with Evie often away with her dad it’s the ideal time to escape and get in a lovely, last minute or well in advanced planned Winter Sun break. There are a lot of fabulous winter sun holiday destinations to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming. You need to think about what you want from the holiday, how far you want to travel and who’s coming with you so you can cater to all of the family needs.

Looking at Holiday Gems they have some great deals for Winter Sun holidays in some of my favourite destinations. I’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Lanzarote and it’s absolutely given me confidence that the Canaries are an ideal place to holiday all year around. I spent two weeks here on a family holiday when I was young and have always wanted to go back to see more of what Tenerife and Gran Canaria have to offer. Perhaps a cruise might be in order so I can visit all of the Islands? That would be my absolute dream. They have year long sunshine, although can be a bit windy and a lot of the beaches are black volcanic sand. They had a lot of fantastic opportunities to spot wildlife and as their volcanic islands, they have rich and beautiful national parks.

Orlando is another popular Winter Sun destination which is absolutely on my bucket list. I want to see all the fun family theme parks that Florida have to offer, particularly Disney World. One day I’ll get there! It’s another place that has so much to offer with theme parks, beautiful beaches and so many places to shop. I imagine a holiday in Orlando would be a very busy holiday and two weeks over there non-stop, well, I think you might need another break away somewhere to relax! For me, the downside to Orlando is the flight time. It’s a long time until you’re there, on holiday, and ready to go, unlike the Canaries which are just a four-hour flight away.



Cape Verde sounds like the perfect place for a glamorous and relaxing retreat away from normality. It looks absolutely stunning with it’s beautiful beaches and natural landscapes. A lovely cocktail on the beach watching the sunset, maybe an evening stroll taking in all the sights and just winding down from life would be the perfect way to spend December. Cape Verde experiences a lovely, warm climate in December, January and February which makes it an ideal choice for a winter sun getaway.

Have you planned a Winter Sun holiday? Where are you off to, I’d love to hear!

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