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How To Be an Awesome ActiLabs Ambassador & Top FAQ’s

Thinking of working from home selling ActiLabs products? This blog gives you everything you need to know about joining Actilabs from my time as an ambassador.

Acti-Labs is a network marketing company to help ambassadors sell skincare and makeup online. There are lots of ways people earn money these days. I recently wrote about my top five favourite ways to boost your monthly income. I used to be affiliated with ActiLabs and so I wanted to write this post to help those who are looking to become an ambassador make an informed decision. If you’re interested how to join acti-labs you can sign up here.

Acti-Labs UK: What Is Involved

purple vanity case

As I work from home full time and network marketing plays a part in that and helps me earn a bit of commission directly into my bank account every Friday. Networking Marketing is not my full time ‘job’ as such however and it’s actually quite a small part of my day.

I love beauty products and so having a chance to try new things always appeals to me, particularly when I can earn a little bit of cash doing so. If you want to try some new products but can’t commit to an online business I recommend trying out BirchBox which is a great way to earn cash for your recommendations.

I use the products, I tell people about them and I check in with my team. Training is at a convenient time for me and I have access to all the information I need. It is a way to earn extra money around other commitments so if you’re a full time mother, working full time, studying or already busy I can assure you that if I have time to fit it into my daily schedule around blogging, promotion, social media management, filming and parenting and making sure I have time to myself to do the things I want to do then anyone else can too. What I like about the company I promote is it means that each weekend some play money whether that’s to go to the cinema, a meal out or a trip away it’s good to know that we have a little flexibility. Before reading through everything below feel free to watch this video about my personal journey with network marketing.

Which Company were you with?

The company I used to promote is called Acti Labs which sell French skincare and make up products. The message Acti Labs want to promote is affordable surgery inspired treatments that you can do at home. That’s nothing scary, I promise, all it means is that the products have a high amount of active ingredient in them which is what makes them work so well. For example, the collagen night cream we retail has a high amount of collagen in and because our products are sold through ambassadors there’s a lot of fee’s to be cut out meaning the money can go into sourcing the collagen rather than into other people’s pockets. When you buy from an Ambassador you are buying a product direct from the laboratory.

What products does ActiLabs sell?

If you’d like to find out more about the products I sell then you can watch this video here showcasing a few of my favourites.

acti labs, acti derm, makeup

Here is a before and after picture of me. The after picture is using all Acti Labs products except the eyeliner. I’ve used:

Mesoderm Moisturiser
HD Foundation with a Beauty Blender
Contour Palette for contour, blush and shimmer highlight in gold
Diamond Dust in Caramel Glow for a matte finish
Skyscraper Mascara in black
Lip Liner in Candy
Mega Matte Liquid Lipgloss in Candy

Acti Labs have a huge range of products including mineral makeup, skincare, personal care, inch loss solutions, dietary supplements and there are a fair few new products launching in the next few months in these categories. I personally really like the products because they are paraben free, not tested on animals and work really well for my skin. These opinions are based on personal use of the products. I mostly sell to friends and family and have a few regular customers however it’s possible to make a lucrative income from this business. You can sell on social media, you can leaflet/brochure drop if that’s your thing, you can discuss storing products in salons and beauticians or you can get involved in party plan. It’s important to know that your Acti Labs business is your own and as long as you are within compliance guidelines you can run the business however you like.

acti labs makeup, acti labs direct sales, acti labs company, how do i join acti labs
My current selection of Acti Labs products with the old Acti Derm logo including some from my original kit when purchased.

How can I join Acti-Labs UK?

First of all you will need to connect with a sponsor who will help and guide you as well as bring you up to speed with any training you might need. There is no easy way to find a local ambassador but I would advise reaching out to your network on social media as a friend might know someone that already does it which would then give you a connection. If you want to discuss joining my team you are more than welcome to but please connect with me first using the social media channels or the contact page above which contains my email address. You might want to research the acti-labs compensation plan before you join to find out how exactly you might earn money by selling these products.

Starting a business with Acti Labs is both affordable and really simple to do. You can simply start online only and buy a website with a retail store for £20 or you can start with a kit from £32.50 which is great as you get a few products to try and to start you recommending them. The only condition if you start with a kit is that you need to match the kit value in sales in your first four weeks. So if you start with the £32.50 kit you need to place orders worth £32.50 in your first few weeks of business. If you purchase the £100 kit then you need to place orders worth £100 in the first four weeks. I personally started with the £100 kit and easily got my first £100 orders so it can be done. If you start with the £20 website only offer then you have no targets or sales requirements to hit. This is basically to prevent kitnapping and just buying a kit for personal discount on the products. When you sign up and select your kit option then there’s a terms and agreements form to read and sign if you agree and then you provide a few personal details. You’ll then receive an email to the email address you provided with your log on details and access to your personal shop. The next step is to ensure your information is correct and add your bank details so you can get paid.

acti labs vanity case, acti labs, actilabs direct sales
Here is the vanity case that came with my £100 start up kit when I joined in November 2015

How Do I Get Paid with Acti-Labs and How Much?

Payment is made on week in arrears on a Friday into your bank. You will earn 20% commission on every order placed by yourself or by customers through your shop link. If you’re looking to work from home you could always have a quick read of my top five ways to boost your monthly income.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes. If you achieve sales of £350 within one calendar month you achieve Diamond status and you will get a 5% bonus on all futher sales placed through your account. So if you have sales of £600 in one month, you will get 5% bonus on the £250 sales.
When you achieve Diamond status for the first time you will get a pandora style bracelet and your first charm. You will then continue to get a charm each time you move up a level through the career plan or with any promotions the company is running.
You can also earn Acti Cash. Please note this information was written a couple of years ago now and may have changed. Speak to an ambassador or look on the actilabs website for more details on the compensation plan.

What is Acti Cash?

Acti Cash is a reward which equals to an online credit on your back office which allows you to purchase products at a discount. This is very useful to expand your kit without actually having to keep paying for them with the commission you earn weekly.

You can use Acti Cash as a way to top up your kit without needing to use all of your weekly commission. Focus on retailing the products and you can expand your kit for free*
You can use Acti Cash as a way to top up your kit without needing to use all of your weekly commission. Focus on retailing the products and you can expand your kit for free*

How Much Acti Cash can I earn and does it expire?

Acti Cash does expire within one month of it being applied to your account so you need to make sure you use it. You can get £10 Acti Cash if you process orders of £100 in the first 9 days of the month. The Acti Cash will then be applied on 10th day of the month. You also earn Acti Cash for high sales in the month. When you get to Diamond Status you will earn £25 Acti Cash and the amounts increase with the more sales you put through. £500 is £50 Acti Cash and so on. Another way you can earn Acti Cash is by placing bulk orders. A bulk order is an order over £100 and this will earn you 5% Acti Cash. For every £100 order you put through your back office you will earn an extra £5 in Acti Cash as well as the £20 commission paid into your bank account.

Do I have to build a team?

No but you can if you want and yes you can earn commission on team member sales.

Is Acti Labs a Scam or Pyramid Selling?

No. Scams and pyramid selling is illegal. A pyramid scheme never has products to sell and the targets are so unrealistic that only the person at the top ever makes money…hmm…sounds a bit like most huge corporations doesn’t it? Where the CEO gets all the profit and the people at the bottom are stuck doing all the hard work for minimum wage? However, in the aim of transparency it is commission based and you only earn money if you sell products. In my experience Acti Labs seem to be the fairest and have the most affordable product line. I’m seen people have success with these products and this business but MLM companies can get you into debt if you buy more than you can sell. You do not need to stock products but it is advisable to use and showcase use of these products to help generate sales so people can see results and personal feedback.

ActiLabs have products available for consumers to purchase and they reward the affiliate the individual purchases from. They then reward affiliates for introducing others to the company and generating revenue. Instead of using the company profits to buy vacation homes the owners of the company choose to pay commission to the sellers involved. It is a sales job but instead of being in an office you connect with people you already know. Think of it this way…would you prefer to work in a call centre and earn commission speaking to people you don’t know and recommending a product you don’t believe in (PPI comes to mind…) or would you rather recommend products you actually use to friends and family if you think it would benefit them?

Obviously, it’s a personal choice but it really bugs me when people say this is pyramid selling or a scam. It’s a business, and if you work hard at it, like you have to do at anything in life, you will be rewarded. It’s just an alternative way of earning money which has a lot of negative stigma from people who either do not understand or who have had a bad experience.

Will I Make Money with Acti Labs?

Like any position that is sales based – whether that is employed or self employed there is no guarentee I can give you that you will make money. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a genuine business opportunity that can help those that want to give it their all an extra income around their current commitments. If you are consistent, persistent and have passion for your product you will generate some interest. We do not believe in hard selling and pushing our products onto friends and family but instead offer support to speak to others outside of your usual friendship circle and try. A regular business takes between three to five years to turn a profit and as you’ll already have a website set up and ready to retail and possibly a kit there is the chance to make a profit in a quicker turnaround. There are lots of ways you can make money from home, this is just one option. There are five things I do every single month to help me work from home.

You need to put time and effort into your business and work it properly or you won’t see results. One selfie and an update of your kit will not get you £1000’s of orders or people flocking to you. You’ll need to show these people they can trust you and that you have something to offer before they’ll make a purchase from you. Parties are a great way to give yourself a confidence boost and get your first few sales because you’ll be showcasing the products and talking to people face to face. Face to face is the best way to network.

My advice would be to treat your business like a business, attend the trainings, be in contact with your upline, stick to the 80:20 social media rule – that is 80% personal and 20% business posts and be P.C.P about it – persistent, consistent and have passion! 

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  1. I am soo happy I came across your article. It was very very helpful. Thank you soo much

  2. Thank you for this, I’m so pleased I came across this article as I’ve been toying with joining for a month now and didn’t know whether it was going to be a good move or not. But by your reviews and information that’s just helped me make my decision. Xxx

  3. I am interested in joining…(I have contacted 2 ambassadors so far with no reply)

    1. I am very interested in this product and making some cash. Looks to be good stuff. I registered on the acti-lab site but was confused till I read this. lol. still, a tad confused.

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