Peachy Fox Organic Skincare Review

Peachy Fox Organic Skincare Review

I usually have pretty good skin but I do have some mild rosacea, dark circles and suffer the occasional breakout. I’ve recently been trying out Peachy Fox Organic Skincare to try and get a bit more moisture in my skin and reduce the redness. Peachy Fox are a London based organic skincare company that are pretty new to the market and have some great products available on amazon. I’ve been able to try the Anti-Redness Skin Calming Lotion, Organic Collagen Eye Gel and Organic Retinol Moisturiser. The combination of these three products has helped reduce the puffiness under my eyes which is something that really irritates me. The eye gel really brightens up the area too which reduces those dark circles.

I think the Anti-Redness cream is great, it’s really calmed my skin down and using this and a simple BB cream I don’t feel I always need a full face of makeup to leave the house. The lotion glides onto the skin really easily and I usually leave it about five minutes to allow the lotion to absorb into my skin before applying any makeup. It’s a little thin to use at night but makes a great morning moisturiser.┬áThe Retinol moisturiser is probably my favourite product. I have combination skin which has a few oily patches so I find I need a moisturiser that provides a matte affect. This really helps reduce shiny patches under my makeup and keeps my skin looking smooth and feeling hydrated.

I really like that these products are organic as I want to use things that I know are going to be sourced well and good for my skin. With all three of these products I find a little goes a long way. Each have a little pump which dispenses the perfect amount each time. You can buy these products on Amazon now.

Disclaimer: I received these products for a very low discount in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own.

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