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Rub Rub Rub Beautiful Body Scrub

I recently received the lovely Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub in the Hello Gorgeous gift box – brilliant, by the way – and I’ve been looking for other ways to use this fantastic shower scrub because it smells heavenly and is full of sea salt and lemon juice which are full of antibacterial properties and so can be used for all sorts of things. The pot does come with a hefty price tag so I wanted to find as many uses for the pot as possible. Here are my 6 top ways to use Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

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  1. As a body exfoliator. Rub onto wet or dry skin, step into the bath or shower to rinse. Smells great, leaves skin feeling lovely and soft and is a fantastic body scrub, which is probably what it’s most used for.
  2. As a foot scrub. Fancy a little home spa pedi? This scrub is rough enough to get rid of those dry patches on your feet.
  3. Help clear dodgy nails. Again, antibacterial properties, might help any fungal nails stop being so…fungal!
  4. Hair volumiser spray. Add a little to warm water in a spray bottle, shake up and spray before drying your hair for a bit of extra volume and a lovely scent.
  5. Hair cleanser. If you use shampoo, try this every other wash to cleanse the hair naturally. The sea salt is also a great balance for greasy hair.
  6. Face scrub. Great to cleanse the pores and help heal the skin, it’s quite rough so use sparingly. The lemon juice and salt can help draw out spots and dry out acne.

So there are my top 6 rub rub rub scrub tips. Have you used this body scrub before? What did you think? Any extra uses?

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