illumicrate book box unboxing

Illumicrate In the Shadows Unboxing

Illumicrate book box is a subscription service that I purchase each month. Although, excitingly, one of my photos won the Instagram unboxing challenge for the May Monstrous box last month so I’m getting my July box for free. The June Illumicrate box was themed with In The Shadows and was by a mile by favourite illumicrate box.

Illumicrate In The Shadows Unboxing

unboxing the june in the shadows illumicrate book box
photo shows included items. a game of thrones tea towel, a vicious mug, the court of miracles book, a pin, a nevernight fan.

The box items are pictured above. This box had the most stunning edition of The Court of Miracles that I can not wait to read. Affiliate link to get the standard edition below.

Other items in the June box included:

A Nevernight inspired fan
A Rosie Thorns designed mug with the chracters from Vicious by VE Schwab
A Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood print featuring Bryce and Hunt
Fable & Black designed pin inspired by the book of the month
Teatowel/Tapestry featuring Arya’s Kill List from A Game of Thrones
Serpent & Dove Bookmark

I love the book. It is so beautiful and I can not wait to get reading. This is the first time the Pin has been included in the box rather than a seperate subscription and I really love it. Pins are lovely collectibles and I love these exclusive bookish designs. The fan was a nice touch considering the day of delivery it was incredibly hot. I am a huge fan of Serpent and Dove so having a bookmark with my favourite ship was great (I am eagerly anticipating Blood & Honey so this was a nice touch). The illumicrate book edition has a rose gold foil cover and black sprayed edges.

Next month’s theme is all about joining the resistence and has serious Star Wars vibes so I’m very excited to see what will be included!

pinnable image illumicrate book box unboxing for june in the shadows box


  1. Hi, I love that this was a favourite illumicrate box of yours by a mile! I was wondering, if you’re not crazy about the print, would you consider selling the Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood print that came with this box? Please let me know. Thank you!

    1. Author

      I might sell/gift on items in the future. I was considering doing a print giveaway which I host over on my Instagram @katcandyfloss

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