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The Changes That Should be Made to Each Room to Turn a Home Into a Family Home

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The family home is where you will raise your kids and create the memories that you will hope will last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many parents are keen to turn their old, sturdy home into something a bit more family-friendly when kids finally arrive. But what changes need to be made? It’s not an easy question to answer, especially if this whole parenting lark is still pretty new to you.

The changes you make are not just changing the overall design of the home, although that can be important. Instead, it’s about changing how your home is used and what changes could make life simpler, easier and better for your family as a whole. Read on to learn about how each room in your home can be changed to turn it from a home into a family home that you can all make the most of.


The kitchen, for many families, is the hub of the household. This is where people can get together and share food at the end of the day. And it’s also where the day is started with a family breakfast. So, that’s why the kitchen and dining area is so important. To make it more family-friendly, you first need to think about safety. Putting child locks on the freezer is important. And you should make sure anything harmful is out of reach.

In terms of dining, you need to make sure that your dining area is able to handle the mess and chaos of eating with a child. Keep the high chair that your child will use away from the wall, and consider using a flooring solution that’s easy to wipe. Carpets can quickly get messed up by food that’s dropped on them.


Bathtime is an important part of the day for any family. You need to make it as easy as possible to bathe your child in a way that is safe and simple for you. Having a bath mat that your child can sit on without slipping is key. And having good taps out of the way of your child is important too. Check out Tap Warehouse for bathroom taps if you need some. It’s a good bathroom investment to make.

You should also come up with new storage solutions because you will probably have lots of bath items and toys that will need a storage place. Your bathroom can quickly become chaotic and messy when you have a child but don’t have the right storage solutions in place.

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Living Room

Having a living room with a no fuss kind of design is really important when you have children. If you have everything organised in a very neat and precise way, things will quickly get messed up. So, take a more relaxed approach to this. Don’t worry too much about everything being in the right place because it won’t stay there for too long.

You should also give some careful thought to the materials used in your living room. Those kids might be small, but when they’re bouncing around and acting all hyperactive, it’s easy for things to get damaged and broken. It’s a good idea to aim to use the very strongest materials possible in your home. That way, you can keep everything in as strong condition as possible.


For most parents, the master bedroom won’t have to be touched by any particular changes. If anything, you should make this space off limits to your children. By making it into a place of your own away from the family, it can become a haven of calm and relaxation. That makes it easier for you to make a difference.

As for your children’s bedrooms, how you go about designing them will depend on how old they are. If they are still babies, then you just need to make it as relaxed and simple as possible. Don’t go for anything too elaborate or precise because children grow up fast. Before you know it, they will be demanding a different design that is more suited to their age and interests.


Finally, you should think about the garden. Put safety first by making sure that any water is off limits and that your children can’t get near it. Even a small pond can be dangerous. Then you need to think about how your garden can be used during the summer. A lawn space that encourages activity and sports can be a good idea. And having an outdoor dining space that can be shared and used by the family is a nice idea to consider too.

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