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Fantastic House Moving Tips That You Have Probably Never Thought About

This is a collaborative post.

We all know moving house can be very stressful, and there is loads of advice online as to how you can make life easier for yourself in the process. We have already given you our stress-busting tips on this site. However, to be original, we have decided to come up with some clever ideas that you have probably never considered. So, without further ado, let’s get packing… erm… We mean cracking!

Fill your socks

Not only do you need to pack your socks, but you also need to pack up your fragile glass items. Kill two birds with one stone (not literally, that’s cruel) and use your socks as extra padding for your breakables. You might still want to use bubble wrap or extra tissue paper, but your socks will add extra protection. Hint: think of the germs and use clean socks if you intend to drink out of those glasses when you get to your new property.

Use beer crates for your books



Avid readers will need to put their favorite books somewhere, but cardboard boxes may not be strong enough to hold the weight. Instead, use wooden beer crates which are more durable, and have handles on the side to help you carry them. Make sure you remove (or drink) the beer first, however, as you don’t want to ruin your copy of Fifty Shades of Gray with fifty shades of alcohol!

Take a photo of your tv wires

Unplugging the wires from the back of your tv is one thing, but remembering where they go again is quite another! Considering the number of appliances you probably have plugged in, from your DVD player to your games consoles, having a handy photograph of what goes where will help you untangle your memory when you get to the new house.

Hire a cleaning crew


You have so much to do on moving day that cleaning the home may become an afterthought. However, if you are renting your property, you won’t get your deposit back if the house is a mess. Therefore, hire an end of lease cleaning service to reduce your burden, or get your friends and neighbors in to give you a hand.

Cut down on boxes

You probably have loads of storage containers you haven’t actually thought about. Picnic hampers, laundry baskets, suitcases, and litter bins are just some of the items that could be filled with your essential items. Please note: ensure the cat hasn’t made a home in one of them, as you don’t want a flat packed kitty on your hands when you start to unpack later in the day.

Use toothpaste on nail holes

Your paintings look great in the house until you remove them and you are left with unsightly holes in the wall. Provided the toothpaste matches the color on the wall, squirt a little in, wipe away the excess, and you will never see the holes again! Admittedly, you won’t see them anyway as you will have long gone, but if your new property smells minty fresh you will know why!

Let me know if you have any original and creative tips for moving day.

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