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Let’s Build An Outdoor Playhouse For Grown-Ups

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Do you remember these rainy days in your childhood when you built a secret fort with a blanket and a few pillows? With time, your ideas of comfort naturally evolve – it’s likely that the pillow and blanket fort might not sound as appealing as it used to be in the past – but there’s no denying it: everyone longs for the cute, downsized house to relax in. This is especially true when you are thinking about organising a summer garden party with friends and relatives. Why so? Because no party night can be complete without planting the appropriate décor for it. Start by being an available guest – no hiding in the kitchen tonight – and relocate your dining space into the garden. What is the best way to make the garden effortlessly attractive to your guests? With an outdoor playhouse for grown-ups, of course! Here are three of the best ideas to revamp your garden with a downsized party house.



#1. The Romantic Pergola

If you love gardening magazines, you might have already come across the wooden, open-roofed pergola. A pergola is used to encourage trailing plants to spread up. It provides natural shade for lunch or dinner during a hot day. Pergola can come in kit form, but you can also build yours from scratch using treated timbers. As a rule of the thumb, you will need three upright posts per side and a rafter on top – save yourself troubles and order online, George Hill Timber is a good address as they organise the delivery directly to your home address. Then you can connect the side on top by resting crossbeams across the rafters. Remember to add trellis panels to the side of your pergola if you want to provide support for climbing plants.


#2. The All-Year Glass Room And Conservatory

A glass room is similar to a conservatory, with the difference that its structural elements are lighter. However, more conservatories follow similar building techniques. The glass room is typically placed on the terrace outside the house and protects the garden furniture. When the weather is nice, you can slide glass panels in summer to open the room to the outdoors and let fresh air in. If the weather isn’t what you hoped for, you can still eat outside, but you remain protected from the rain or the cold by the glass panels. This is ideal for the addition of a full-size dining party room.

Glass room


#3. The Vintage Gazebo Feeling

A gazebo is a free-standing summer house that is open on all sides and fully roofed. They are often confused with pergolas, but they are not used to help climbing plants. Gazebos are often seen in public parks, but you can also build your own in the garden. You will require treated poles too, but you use real roof tiles on top. Additionally, gazebos are ideal for large summer parties as they provide protection for your guests, chairs, and tables. Often called a wooden marquise, the gazebo has a timeless vintage look that makes it a beautiful garden feature.



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