Saving for a holiday

Save Up For That Much Needed Holiday

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Saving up for a holiday away can be a real struggle sometimes, but once you’ve done it and you’ve got enough money under your belt, you will realise how worth it it actual was, as you’re lying on the golden sandy beach, overlooking the turquoise ocean as the sun shines down on you.

Make your own pack lunch

Think of the money you would be saving every day if you made your own lunch with leftovers from the night before, instead of buying lunch when you’re at work.

Stock up on some cute plastic containers, put your extra food in, bung it in the fridge, and bring it in with you the next day.


Drink your coffee at home

As much as you may like to go to your favourite cafe at the end of your busy day, try limiting it to once a week instead. It all adds up, and if you want to save, then it’s no good splurging on things that aren’t a necessity.

So instead make your own coffee for that quick fix, you can even invest in a nice flask to drink from while you’re on the go.

Walk it instead

Start walking to your destination, or riding your bike as a pose to public transport or driving yourself. This will cut the cost of petrol and bus fares, and not only that but you’ll also be keeping fit at the same time, which is great for getting your bikini body ready.


Deal with your bills

Never let your bills stack up on top of one another because it won’t end well. So make sure you prioritise. You can consider taking out a loan with companies like if you really don’t have enough to get by. But bear in mind you will then have to add this to the list of things to pay every month.

Stick with the classic pay-as-you-go

You can still have a nice looking phone with all the latest features, but without the life abiding contract.

Paying as you go means you are always on top of what you’re spending. You can never go over, and if you’re really broke within the next coming months, you can just not top up.


Sell your goods

There’s bound to be things you no longer wear or use, that are just lying around wasting away. – Sell these things! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure remember? That applies to everything. Maybe you have a sofa that is stored away in the attic that people may pay good money for. Or maybe you got given a painting that you hate, but someone else might spend hundreds for it because it ‘speaks to them.’

So get looking and put some adverts up online, it’s quick, easy and you may even enjoy it.

Compare flights

When you do end up looking at potential flights, don’t just settle with the first one you see. Use sites like to find you the cheapest rates by comparing them with other airlines.


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