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Vintage Fashion for Spring

This is a collaborative post.

Spring is the perfect time to update your wardrobe. The last few weekends we’ve really been gutting out our clothes, packing away the winter wardrobe so we can make the most of these sunny spring days and of course hope they continue. There are some gorgeous vintage clothing around at the moment too and as fashion is on a constant cycle, always coming back to us, having a clear out can really help us find some old favourites we use to love and see us mixing it up with more modern prints and styles.

There is a great range of vintage and modern pieces around. I find myself not only digging through my older clothes that have been hidden away in storage but also heading into local charity shops as well as finding some absolute bargains online.

Trying to get my stuff sorted for #blogfest16 tomorrow! I’ll be wearing this…probably.

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I can usually be found in a dress with leggings because that’s what is comfortable for me and it’s so nice to be able to mix a few styles. I love a good tea length dress and I do prefer ones with a bit more in the arm. A perfect style for spring as it keeps you a little on the warmer side but still with the hope of summer. I’ve always really liked a good bag too, and this floral print is one of my favourites. The colours, I find, go with just about anything and it’s lovely to have a bag that seems to suit all seasons.

Floral Vans, Vintage Satchel, Floral Print Bag

I always struggle for shoes this time of year though, I like my flats but recently I’ve been finding myself in my gorgeous floral print Vans. They’re super comfy and the floral print has a real vintage feel to it I think. Plus, they look really nice with a good dress and I have plenty that match. I’m really liking the floral prints actually and it’s something I’ve found myself being drawn to a lot over the last year.

The only thing I feel I’m really missing this spring is a decent light jacket. I love the big fluffy winter coat I found last year but it’s just too big and heavy now. I’d love a jacket to partner with a nice dress that was lightweight but still kept the warmth in.

What’s your favourite fashion piece? Are you updating your wardrobe or having a clear out?

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