decorating your house for easier cleaning

Decorating Your House For Easy Cleaning

Before you were a parent, your home was a harmonious place that was always clean and tidy. Then you had kids and all of a sudden the place becomes a disaster. They have an impressive ability to make a mess and it seems like as soon as you’ve cleaned the place, it’s messy again in seconds. Half of your life is spent cleaning the house but there is something you can do about it. If you decorate your house with cleaning in mind, you can cut the amount of time you spend on it in half. Here are some simple ways to create an easy clean home.


Hard Floors

Carpets are great but they aren’t the best thing to have in a house full of young kids. They attract a lot of dirt and trap it inside and any spills are going to leave a big stain. They’ll quickly end up looking disgusting and you’ll spend ages cleaning all the carpets. When you’re choosing residential flooring, you’re much better off going for hardwood floors. Any spills can be easily wiped up and it’s far quicker to sweep up all of the crumbs and dirt than it is to vacuum the carpet. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on carpets completely, you can still put carpets in your own room and anywhere that the kids aren’t going to be making a mess.

Wipe Clean Paint

Kids have a habit of getting sticky fingers and wiping them on every surface available. Sometimes they cause mischief with crayons and your walls pay the price. That’s why wipe clean paint is such a good idea for parents. If you try to clean normal paint with any kind of cleaning products, it’ll just take the paint off the wall. But if you get some wipe clean paint, any spills, smudges or marks will come off easily so you don’t have to keep re-painting all the time.

Get Rid Of Clutter

One of the most time consuming things about cleaning the family home is just picking up all of the junk that the kids leave around. Getting rid of that clutter is the easiest way to cut cleaning time in half. That doesn’t just mean all of the old toys either, you need to sort your stuff out as well. Look through everything you’ve got in the house and ask yourself when the last time you used it was. If you can’t remember, you can probably chuck it out. As soon as you start clearing out all of your stuff you’ll find that cleaning is so much easier.

Storage Boxes

Even after you’ve got rid of a load of clutter, you’ve still got to contend with piles of toys etc. This is a particular problem if you’re living in a smaller house. Storage boxes are your friend because you can easily just throw all of that stuff in there and clear some space in minutes. They might not be the prettiest of storage options but they’re the most practical.

If you use these simple decorating tips, you can make cleaning the house so much easier for yourself.

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