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A Nursery for our New Baby

Dream Nursery for our New Baby

A nursery or baby bedroom is something I would love to create before our baby is born. I’ve often spoke of how we need to move home and with a new baby on the way I know that moving really needs to move higher up in the priorities. For the first few months at least I know the baby will be in our room with us giving us a chance to save and then we can create a gorgeous new nursery. I love thinking about how I might want to furnish and design the room and wanted to share a few ideas with you. I know I want to have a bright nursery with blinds, wooden floors and fluffy rugs. We are so excited about the new addition to our family and I wish I could give them a brand new bedroom right now however, a girl can dream up her ideal design space which is what I’ve done below. Some of the links may be affiliate links. 

Colour Scheme

The ideal colour scheme for me is white furnishings and rainbow touches of colour throughout the nursery. This is suitable for any baby and would make a light, bright and airy space. I thing adding rainbow themes and colours is really cute and there are so many lovely baby bits around with rainbow patterns. I’ve seen it before flicking through catalogues and think the rainbow on white look is really effective and cute. Rainbow wall stickers are a favourite of mine and something I would love to use. I think this one is really cute and has so much appeal. It can be used against any colour background too.

rainbow wall stickers

Rainbow Wall Stickers available to buy on Amazon (affiliate link) –


I love the day and night blinds for a nursery to help keep the right amount of sunlight in the room whilst being able to make it darker for naps and in the evening. Nursery blinds are a really nice touch, they look really stylish and there are lots of gorgeous styles available too. We already have blinds throughout our flat including a black out blind in Evie’s room which really helped her get to sleep through the summer when she was younger.

Nursery Blinds

Blinds as featured with Thomas Sanderson


As I said I really like white or even shabby chic style furnishings for a nursery using rainbow patterns to enhance the colour around the room. I don’t know what it is about white furnishings really as I know they can get dirty really quickly but they’re just the ideal choice for me and it’s something I’ve always wanted.

white nursery furnishing

Image from Mamas & Papas Three Piece White Furniture Available to Buy on Amazon (affiliate link) –


I would really love to have white distressed looking floorboards with fluffy coloured rugs. I think this would add a really nice touch of colour and be easy to keep clean and sweep up.

What would you love to have in your baby nursery? Any top design tips to share?

This is a collaborative post. 

Creating a Dream Nursery for Baby Number 2

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