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Evie’s Bedroom Makeover – Part 2

We have gradually been trying to improve Evie’s room. By improve I mean throw away a lot of old toys that do not work and do not get played with. This has been a big success and we’ve now got a nice big toy storage unit to keep everything together. Everything now has a proper place and the room is, most of the time, pretty easy to keep tidy. I say pretty easy, but children are very good at making a big mess out of not a lot of stuff!

Owl Bedding, Room to Grow

New bedding has really helped make the room look like a new room and we recently received this gorgeous set of Owl bedding set from Room to Grow. It’s a single duvet cover and pillow case which goes really nicely with her pink and cream (well, magnolia) walls. I love the cute Owl design and think it’s pretty age appropriate now that she is 7! The bedding feels really nice and has buttons to do it up in the end rather than poppers. I usually prefer poppers because making beds is something I want to get over and done with but the buttons are nice and big and can be done up very quickly.

Owl Bedding Set Room to Grow

Evie still has a lot of soft toys which I’m kind of reluctant to get rid of because she really does play with them all. I think we might have to say goodbye to a few of the more threadbare or opening at the seams ones though because, well, she has about 500 of them. Honestly, soft toys are such a popular thing with Evie. She is currently collecting the little Disney Tsum Tsums which are super cute. I’m glad we’ve had a good sort out, especially with Christmas coming up. She now has so much more space in her tiny box room and now I have a much better idea of the toys she actually loves to play with rather than stuff I think she’ll love to play with.

Disclaimer: We were sent a single set of bedding in exchange for this feature. All opinions are my own.

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