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Planning a Family Garden Party

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Planning a family garden party is a lovely way to get together over the summer holidays. You don’t need a reason to have a family garden party either it can just be a nice way to make the most out of this lovely warm summer we are having. Family garden parties do not have to be an expense either, it’s something everyone can equally contribute to to make sure the whole family have a really lovely time together.

My parents usually have a lovely family garden party on the August bank holiday weekend so that they can enjoy everyone’s company. It usually involves a lovely big BBQ, sitting around in the garden until late into the evening chatting, laughing and listening to music. Having a gazebo or even an outdoor party tent set up gives you a great hub for a family garden party too. Something else to consider could be renting a social photo booth which are a great way to get some fun photos, especially if it’s a special occassion. There is bound to be one available in your area such as Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth

Here are some of my tips to consider making your family garden party a fun occasion that everyone remembers and to really celebrate the summer.

  1. Will you have a theme? There doesn’t really need to be a big theme for this type of party or get together as really you can just use the season as the theme. For me summer just means lots of lovely ice cold drinks, BBQ and picnic food, plenty of places to sit outside and lots of smiles and laughter. As it’s a family garden party you could add in a paddling pool or maybe even a hot tub if you’re lucky enough to own one!
  2. Consider the food. For me summer food is all about grab and go. Having a good mix of hot and cold food usually caters to everyone. Grilled meats and BBQ food can be paired really nicely with salads, cold meat platters and cheeses. Children seem to love a buffet so things like cocktail sausages, crackers and crudites are great options. Summer, for me, is all about colour so when planning a family garden party you might want to feed the family a rainbow. When it comes to desserts you could do something really fun like a chocolate fountain with fruit kebabs which children just seem to absolutely love.
  3. Budgeting the family garden party. It doesn’t have to come with a big price tag and there are plenty of ways of reducing the cost right town to create a lovely family garden party atmosphere. Getting some battery operated tea lights or fairy lights are a lovely way to decorate the garden if you don’t want to use candles. You could also ask family members to bring a favourite dish or bottle of drink to share.
  4. Extra celebrations. If you have lots of things to celebrate over the summer break having one big family garden party might be a really nice way to celebrate everyone together, especially if there are lots of birthdays in a short space of time. Or perhaps lots of family members have graduated or finished school and you want to celebrate exam results together. A family garden party is a really lovely way to mark the occasion and spend time celebrating together. If you have anyone that is expecting a baby perhaps throwing a garden baby shower party would be something you could organise?
  5. Plan ahead and get your invites out. With social media and technology these days it’s really easy to organise a family event and make it known to all that you want to invite. You could send around a group message or text or even create an event online and invite people to join with all the information. I find setting up an event on social media like this an easy way to include as many people as possible and get all the information across easily.

So there are my tips for planning a summer family garden party. Do you have any you would like to add?

summer family garden party

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