The Ultimate Tips For A Budget Bedroom

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A bedroom is a lot more important than you think. Yes, it’s a place where you rest your head and catch up on sleep. But, it’s also a room where you communicate with your partner, relax, and enjoy the night’s entertainment. Simply put, it has more than one purpose if done properly. Unfortunately, creating a flexible, multipurpose boudoir isn’t easy if you don’t have a big budget. After all, home improvements are never cheap at the best of times. But, what if there was a way to create an unbelievable bedroom on a shoestring? Would it be of interest? Good, because below are several thrifty ways to renovate on a budget. Good luck!


Raid The Shed


Why the shed? It’s because this is the place which is home to the spare cans of paint. You know? The ones you buy and never use again?! Well, it’s about time they got some action because you can’t afford to buy new tins every couple of weeks. Instead, you should use what you already have. There is no need to worry if they aren’t a particular colour because that can change with one easy fix. All you have to do is mix the colours together and create a homemade hue. It’s pretty simple to do even if you have zero experience because most of them are self-explanatory. However, if you need help, there is plenty of colour guides available online. Just put down some newspaper, follow the instructions, and apply to the walls.


Reclaim Furniture


People with money wouldn’t think twice about buying a new piece of furniture. They would think twice about purchasing a second-hand one, but you can’t be so picky. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with used furniture as long as you follow the golden reclamation rules. Firstly, don’t buy it because it’s cheap. The cost is a bonus, but what you want is a piece that fits the room seamlessly and looks stunning. Next, don’t take the furniture at face value. Because it’s a reclamation item, there is a chance that it has problems that need solving. Before you commit, try and find out about its level of quality. Finally, try it before you buy it as this is the only way to test for quality.



Shop In Sale Season


There are pieces that even the thriftiest of people won’t consider buying second-hand due to hygiene. A mattress springs to mind straight away as you don’t want another person’s leftovers. But, beds are expensive, so what should you do? The trick is to find stores like John Ryan by Design which have competitive prices. That way, the initial cost should drop from the outset. Also, keep an eye out for sales and discounts that will lower the cost. Even if it is only ten or fifteen percent off, the promotion will make a considerable difference to your bank balance. A tip: online shops tend to have the best discounts. And, you can create price alerts that make you aware of new sales and promotions.



Think Outside The Storage Box


Utilising space more effectively is one tip the experts all agree on by and large. As it turns out, just clearing out the clutter is enough to transform a bedroom into something special. Sadly, most homeowners don’t have enough storage solutions due to a lack of space. So, the clothes and toiletries stay where they are, and nothing changes. The good news is that a drawer or bureau isn’t the only solution to your storage woes. In fact, they may only add to the problem because they are bulky and take up lots of room. Crates and boxes, however, are a lot sleeker and more flexible regarding structure. Instead of plonking them in the corner, they can fit into the wardrobe or under the bed. Plus, they are a lot cheaper than a chest of drawers.


Do It Yourself


Some projects need a professional to finish the job. In truth, all of the above are pretty basic tasks for even the most amateurish novice. So, there is no need to hire a painter or decorator to take the project off of your hands. They only add to the budget, and yours is very low, to begin with. It may cost you time, but it won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Anyway, a bit of DIY never hurt anyone… much! Just take it seriously and there is nothing to worry about other than a few scratches and scrapes.


Your ‘pitiful’ budget isn’t embarrassing anymore. In fact, it’s more penniful than anything else!

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