#clapforcarers & keyworkers

recently people across the nation have been opening up their doors and windows to clap for carers and keyworkers. during this time i think it just goes to show who the real keyworkers are, the people that actually uphold society for everyone. the shopkeepers, nurses, carers, doctors, binmen, utility providers, telephone banking customer services, couriers, postpeople, police, firefighters, on the ground military personnel and so many more people that are told to stay in work because our infastructure relies on them so heavily.

of course we would not be able to cope without our nhs and health care practitioners that are currently exposing themselves to this virus daily, hour after hour but shops are still open to provide our families, sick or otherwise with food. care homes are still operating with carers to look after our vulnerable elderly family members. couriers are still deliving the stuff we are all buying to keep up with this lockdown and entertain our kids. teachers are still working, through the holidays, to provide a safe place for vulnerable children. these are the people that are just about stopping the economy from crashing down all around us. those are the people that should be thanked, celebrated and appreciated.

many people are struggling right now for many different reasons but those that have to work, do so, to help everyone else who has the priviledge to stay home. yes, being laid off, made redunant, is awful, its the worst timing but there is some help available and there are still people you can talk to if you’re struggling financially. it’s an issue, it’s a flawed system but there is no replacement for the intensive care workers trying to battle this virus and keep people alive. jobs, savings, bills can all be sorted, the economy will rebuild eventually (but this isn’t the most for that) but the lives lost will not be returned to us.

so thank you for all our carers and keyworkers. i am sorry that right now people are being awful and rude to you. i will try and make up for this with a thank you, a smile, a clap. i will try and make your job as easy as i possibly can should you need to assist me. i will try to be patient and understanding. i will not blame you if the shelves aren’t fully stocked. i know their are shortages and difficult times ahead.

not that long ago i shared about how everyone was talking about being kind and that sentiment has, as i predicted, disapeared. i know that many people are trying to control something in a surreal time, that they are angry at the situation. that they don’t know whether to laugh or cry their way through this. it’s not a nice time for anyone. but our carers and keyworkers are seperated from their families, are working so you can stay home and have the basic necessities you need. are doing everything they can to keep life moving through unprecedented times.

so be kind.
say thank you.
think of others when you’re shopping.

yes your feelings are valid, yes it’s shit, but no, it’s not anyone you’re going to come into contact with’s fault. you don’t need to be an arse. you might not be able to control what’s going on in the world, but you can absolutely control your actions towards other people.

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