fairyloot collections: chain of gold edition unboxing

in january i signed up for a special edition book box of chain of gold: the last hours, a new shadowhunter series by cassandra clare. the book officially launched at the start of march but my copy took a little longer to get here, understandably, with everything going on right now. however, i am thrilled to say the collectors edition book box was worth the wait.

i have avoided all spoilers of chain of gold and just finished the infernal devices series so have become much more familiar with the shadowhunters world and it’s one i really enjoy reading about. the fairyloot edition is an exclusive, has a stamp sign, artwork, sprayed and stenciled edges. it’s a naked hardback with foiled detail and i’m sure you’ll agree it’s absolutely beautiful.

unboxing fairyloot collectors edition – chain of gold

items included were:
chain of gold: the last hours
cordelia and james tapestry reflecting a scene in the book
a booksleeve featuring james and a quote on the back
a wooden book mark
a mortal cup replica
a print of the male characters in the book

i am really looking forward to reading chain of gold, however, with everything going on at the moment i’m enjoying a change of pace and have started aurora rising for a bit of sci-fi. i’m pretty new to jay kristoff’s work and this is the first i’ve read by a collaborative author pair (with amie kaufman) in a long time. i’ve got a copy of aurora burning on preorder to look forward to next month too. i just felt like i needed something a bit different. after this i’m going to move onto hold back the tide as i’ve heard it’s quite dark and i think that will help get me out of my reading slump.

the box has plenty of lovely items in. i love the tapestry, it’s huge and beautifully done. it has surpassed all my expectations. the mortal cup replica is much bigger than i thought which is really cool. the exclusive book is so pretty and i love the stencil sprayed edge. i’ve never had a book sleeve either so it’s really lovely to finally own one and it looks lovely. the book fits nice and snug in there too – had to test it out of course!

as soon as i’ve read chain of gold i’ll write up a review. fairyloot have a blood and honey special editions box coming too which sounds amazing and is something i have my eye on, mainly because it comes with a blanket! fairyloot have lovely monthly boxes and i’m so happy to be a subscriber. i am yet to receive my march and april boxes but these should be with me soon and i’ll be doing an unboxing of those when i get them. there’s also a darker shade of magic box coming to illumicrate which is another i have my eye on!

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