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#Ad – This post is an entry for the #BepanthenProtects Challenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin on https://www.bepanthen.co.uk/.

Felix is almost six months old and we have been using Bepanthen regularly since he was born. I was first recommended Bepanthen with my daughter over eight years ago and was happy to use it again when my son was born to help protect my babies skin against the causes of nappy rash. It’s a brand I trust as it’s a firm family favourite and has been around for such a long time.

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How We Protect Our Babies Skin

Thankfully, so far, we have not had to deal with any nappy rash and there are plenty of things you can do to help protect your babies skin. Some of the things we are doing are:

  • Using reusable baby wipes with water
  • A mix of cloth and eco friendly disposable nappies
  • Regular nappy changes
  • Using a barrier cream to help protect my sons skin during nappy changes and after bath time
  • Giving my son nappy free time
  • Using a non-bio washing detergent

We are right in the swing of teething and I was expecting to see some nappy rash as I know teething can make babies unsettled – Felix certainly hasn’t been enjoying those first teeth wrigging up through his gums! However, thanks to our routine we haven’t had to also suffer through nappy rash alongside. Bepanthen comes in a variety of sizes which make it easy to keep on our changing table and take on the go in his nappy change bag. We simply massage a little bit into his skin after he’s been cleaned up from a nappy change and away we go. We also apply a little bepanthen after bath time and it’s just become second nature really as a good barrier cream to help protect Felix’s skin.

Helpful info you may not know about nappy rash and Bepanthen

  • A newborn baby’s skin is 40% thinner and also softer than adults, which makes it more sensitive to irritants, like those in wee and poo which can cause nappy rash when in contact with the skin. This is made worse by a tight nappy which both rubs and stops the air circulating.
  • Bepanthen has a kind-to-skin formulation: No fragrances; No colours; No preservatives; No parabens; No antiseptics)
  • Contains Provitamin B5 to help skin to repair its natural protective barrier
  • Bepanthen is clinically proven: It forms a transparent, breathable layer, helping to protect your baby’s skin from the irritants and rubbing that can cause nappy rash
  • Nappy rash affects 1 in 3 babies at some point , so protecting your baby’s bottom from getting red makes perfect sense, instead of waiting for your little one to suffer from a sore bottom.
  • During the first 12 months nappy rash is especially common as stools are more frequent. Nappy rash can cause discomfort to little one. With nappy rash baby may cry when washed or touched and wake during the night due to discomfort, meaning sleepless nights all round!
  • Bepanthen is so gentle it can be used straight from birth, including with premature babies and as often as required.
  • The most common cause of nappy rash is a combination of soiled nappies and friction. Nappy rash is also more likely to occur if your baby is premature, unwell, recovering from vaccination, weaning, suffering from diarrhoea, or prone to hereditary eczema.


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