Felix at 4 Months

My baby is four months old already and he seems to be changing and growing all the time. I can’t quite believe we are four months post birth and my second c-section to be honest. He is absolutely more like a baby, or an infant, I suppose than a newborn in that he’s very interactive with us all and is surprising us often.

Socially he seems to be quite a happy little baby. He is very vocal when he’s not so happy and as most babies wants that instant gratification. He babbles and shouts at us a lot, he grumbles when he is displeased and reserves his best smiles and giggles for Evangeline. He’s very curious when it comes to new faces and gives off a great death stare if he doesn’t quite recognise you but he’s also very quick to smile if you give him a bit of a ruffle. He likes getting undressed and often has a lot to laugh at when it comes to rolling around and getting vests off.

Physically we haven’t had him weighed or measured since his 6 week check as I just haven’t managed to get to the one place that offers it on the other side of the town we live in. However, he is starting to stretch out the 3-6 month babygrows so I have a feeling we will be going up a size in those in the next few weeks. He has chins for days and you can really feel he’s getting heavier. His feet are almost completely touching the floor in his jumperoo and some of his tops are a bit of a squeeze getting over the head.

He has rolled from back to front and front to back a couple of times but prefers to get on his side and rotate his way around to see what he wants to see. He can push off on his feet on a hard surface and his kicks are really strong. He does the worm from time to time, particularly as a sort of wake up ritual which really makes me laugh. His neck muscles seem really strong and he wants to be sitting up on you now so he can see around. When he’s on his tummy his head is fully elevated from the floor and he can turn and look from left to right.

At four months he is showing great hand eye co-ordination and can get most toys with a good grasp which of course go straight to the mouth. He can sit fairly well with plenty of support but we try to minimalise that as it’s still better for him to be on his back laid flat. He is still in the basinet of the pram although whether he will be in it until six months I’m not sure as he’s very long and may not fit laying flat for much longer.

Teething is very apparent and he seems to have a few really bad days but most of the time good days. He dribbles a lot and blows bubbles so I am constantly wiping him up to prevent him getting sore. His most common teething sign is the flushed red cheeks and fighting sleep.

He seemed to be teething and having a growth spurt at the same time recently as well as, perhaps, a bit of that four month sleep regression as he started waking at 2am & 4am through the night, ready to start his day at 6am. For the most part he sleeps pretty well at night, usually going off between 6-8pm and waking between 4-6am. He can have a few restless periods throughout but doesn’t seem to fully wake up. He usually has a three hour routine of change, feed, sit up (because, reflux) change, play, nap and repeat throughout the day. His naps are usually 30-45 minutes with the few almost two hour naps every few days or so. I’m really happy with his routine but I do wish I had a bit more time during the day to get things done. 45 minute intervals just isn’t quite enough!

The hard days are the days where Adam is either at University or spending most of the day sleeping to recover from his night shift. I do struggle a bit as I’m still trying to find my feet but it’s become easier since we moved Evie into a different school which is much closer (and, so far, better) I am trying to take some of the pressure off myself though and have to remind myself that it’s not up to me to do everything all the time.

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