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How To Change Junior School Mid Year

This is how to change junior schools mid year when your child is unhappy at their current place of education. Evangeline started Junior School in September 2018 and nothing has made her more miserable. It was a tough start to the school year with me being heavily pregnant, having Felix and then recovering from a more complicated c-section than everyone expected.

I thought Junior School would be a little more challenging than Infant School but I was not prepared for an incredibly insensitive teacher, harder behaviour from Evangeline herself and the ridiculous amount of homework she was coming home with. Nor was I prepared for the anxiety and fear of school that she developed, the tears at apparently having no friends, the constant fear of being reprimanded and losing out on play time. It was time to move schools and I am so pleased to say that for the last two weeks she has been settling into a new environment really well.

How to Change Junior School Mid Year

I first contacted the school I wanted her to go to to see what the process of transfer was to be told they were full and that she would have to go on the waiting list. So that is what I did. Continue reading to find out how to change junior school mid year.

How Do You Add Your Child To A Junior School Waiting List?

I recommend calling the school to find out there process. I also recommend speaking with the current school to see if the situation could be met in partnership. I met with the deputy head but nothing changed. I spoke to fellow parents who had had a negative experience with this particular teacher and after talking with Evie we felt it was the best decision to change.

I then applied through our county council school application process clicking through to the Change School Mid Year application rather than a new Junior school place. In hindsight I wish I had put her new school down as our first choice as she may have started Junior School where she is now but I thought we’ve put up with it this long and hoped for the best when she was in Year 2.

About a week later I received a letter from the new school saying that unfortunately the school was at capacity for Year 3 and Evangeline would be placed on the waiting list. What I didn’t know was that her new school only has two classes per year group so is much smaller and only has 64 children per year. Her old school had 96 children over three classes so was quite a lot bigger. She was also already in her catchment school which was an hour round walk at 8am and 2.45pm every day. Her new school is much closer but we are right on the border for catchment which is why she didn’t get in originally when I applied for Reception.

I applied in November and we were thankfully offered a place in the middle of January so the process of moving up the waiting list happened very quickly which really surprised me. I was seriously contemplating removing her from her old school and homeschooling until she had a new place. Thankfully it didn’t come to that.

What Happens When You Are Offered A New School Place?

When we were offered a place at the new Junior School we were offered a chance for Evangeline to come and have a look around and to ask any questions. We met with one of the assistant head teachers who talked passionately about the school’s curriculum, how they are using current funding to really drive forward a child’s learning and the extra activities the school offers. Not that I care that much about Ofsted but the new Junior School was rated Outstanding opposed to her old school which was lower and do you know what you could really tell why.

Once we had a look around we were handed some paperwork and had ten days to respond to the offer letter. I accepted verbally over the phone and brought in the paperwork the next day, alongside a birth certificate for Evie and two forms for proof of address. This was on the Friday were Evie got a chance to meet her new year three teacher after another hard day at her old school. She was very ready to leave after meeting her new teacher so we actually started a week ahead of schedule and she started on Monday. The process can go really very quickly if you’re prepared for it to.

Evangeline started her new school on 28th January 2019 and the change has been dramatic. We are starting to see the best of her again.

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