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How to Make a Disney Autograph Book

As my more frequent readers will know I am taking my family to Disneyland Paris soon and wanted an autograph book for my daughter to use when she meets the characters there. I have seen some amazing creations when it comes to Disney Autograph books. There are some brilliant personalisable ones available on eBay and I’ve also seen some wonderful hand made ones and really liked this blog post, it gave me a great idea. I decided to go down the more hand made route for us – despite buying the material to make one has cost more than it would to order a pre-made personalised one, but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

Disclaimer: I am not very creative, excuse the mess…

Despite my partner thinking I can draw well, I disagree so instead opted for a different approach than drawing characters. That and I just couldn’t get the colours right for the Disney Princesses. I am pretty happy with the result.

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I loved using the foam glitter card as a front and back cover.

My go to shop was The Works and I found some black ribbon, adhesive foam glitter boards, multi-coloured card and sticky hearts and ribbon things for the autograph pages. I also had some photo card at home and lots of little scrapbooking papers to make it nice and colourful inside and add a bit more to the pages. As I’ve used photo paper I will be taking marker pens for the characters to use in the book.

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I went with a red and black cover to create the mouse symbol associated with Disney

I then went on to create the pages. I used 20 pieces of multi-coloured card with the photo paper glued on for the autographs. I did this on both sides of the card and decorated. The decoration is the messiest part I think but it’s a personal touch and plenty of room for autographs. I left 10 pages blank for photographs. There is enough for 30 autographs and photographs.

I hole punched each page so that I could tie them together

I hole punched each page so that I could tie them together

The foam board and stickers were used again here to create frames to the photo paper.

Disney Autograph book front cover

Disney Autograph book front cover

I added a bow onto the mouse and attempted that Disney cursive script and I am actually pretty happy with the result. I know there are loads around that look fantastic but this is going to hold the memories of our first family holiday abroad and I wanted to make something special to us.

disneyland, disney, disney autograph book

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Or…you could just buy a personalised one.


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