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How To Make Fairy Dough

Kids are pretty hard to entertain all the time and so I find I am always looking for something for us to do at home. I wanted to learn how to make a quick and easy play dough for my daughter now that we have more time together and I’m working at home.

A scroll through Facebook brought me to this wonderful blog Laughing Kids Learn with this page in particular…a recipe for fairy dough using only three ingredients. Brilliant, because I am pretty rubbish at doing the home making/baking kinda stuff so this sounded fab and I couldn’t wait to try it out with Mini Kat.

Making Fairy Dough is so simple and great to do together. The measurements are in ‘cups’ and we have a measurement that allows us to do cups but the recipe is pretty flexible in that you can add more if it needs more.
You will need one cup of conditioner, 2.5 cups of cornflour and a little food colouring. You can even add a little glitter if you want to make it really sparkly, like we did. I didn’t get many great pics of the progress but do head over to the blog I found the activity on so you can see fantastic images of what the dough is supposed to look like! Our experience is below.

Mini KAT ready to make fairy dough with apron, bowl and the needed ingredients of cornflour, food colouring and hair conditioner. We also added some glitter for extra fairyness.

Mini Kat absolutely loved getting hands on with this one. We used the Alberto Balsam pomegranate shampoo because it was pink in colour and smelled really nice and fruity.

Mini KAT mixing the cornflour and conditioner together

Getting ready to knead the dough

Mini Kat got really involved which is just great as she was ale to feel the texture changing from wet to crumbly as she added the cornflour to the conditioner and gave it a good mix.

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You need to give the dough a really good knead here and make sure the ingredients are fully combined. Then if you need to make it a little more wet and stick together better, add a touch more conditioner, if you want to dry it out, use more cornflour.

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Mini Kat absolutely loved this activity and we need to do it again, perhaps with some different colours and different smells. It probably hasn’t turned out perfect, but it was our first attempt at doing something special together and I am looking forward to the summer months being full of fun activities for us to do both inside and out. I will be going back toΒ Laughing Kids LearnΒ to check out more activities for us to do together.

Three Ingredient Fairy Dough for Kids



    1. Author

      Awh thanks so much! I am pretty useless at this stuff but this was good fun πŸ™‚

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    1. Author

      Thank you πŸ™‚ it was great fun to do I’m so glad I found it myself!

  2. This looks fab! So you mean conditioner as in for your hair? (Sorry Just checking in case I’m being daft!) I love making play dough and salt dough but I’ve not tried this before. I may well have to make some this aft. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Author

      Yep regular old hair conditioner! We just used a cheap one as we wanted a nice smelling one for the dough but any conditioner will work πŸ™‚

  3. That looks interesting. Pinned as it may come in useful for toddlers. We’re always looking for stuff for them to do

  4. Oh Wow. Hubby keep to make playdoh but this is a great idea and I may just have a go. Looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  5. Wow what a simple idea, can’t believe it just uses 3 ingredients! I’m useless at creative things like this but I think I could manage this! #bestandworst

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