30 weeks pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant Update

I am 30 weeks pregnant! My second pregnancy is flying past and I can’t quite believe it’s now just under ten weeks until my due date. I have to admit I’ve actually quite enjoyed this pregnancy so far and I’m so grateful that it’s been quite gentle up until this point. I think that’s largely down to trying to stay as active as possible and all the wonderful emotional support I’ve had from my Doula, Midwife, Consultant and friends. This sort of feels like we’ve peaked the hill and we’re now starting to slowly walk down with it getting steeper and steeper as September draws on in.

Symptoms at 30 Weeks Pregnant

Since my 28 week update nothing has really come about thankfully although I’m starting to get more uncomfortable physically. I struggle getting dressed in the morning which must be quite a comical and glamourous view. My back hasn’t really suffered though, nothing seems to be swelling up and I haven’t seen any new stretch marks. Plenty of old ones, but nothing new!

Dealing with a Summer Cold

This has really got me down and has been so frustrating. I’ve had a bit of a cold and cough for a few weeks now that is fading very slowly. It’s just lingering on so I’m back to feeling quite congested and generally a bit rubbish. I’ve been having warm honey and lemon, paracetamol, cool showers and slathering my chest and feet in Vicks vapour rub. It’s been hard dealing with a cold and the heat as I just want to rest. I’ve been really quite lazy since we got back from holiday but now school for Evie is almost over I really need to get back on track! Hopefully by the time this is published my cough will have gone and I’ll be feeling much better and healthier.

30 Weeks Pregnant Bump: How Am I Looking?

I think my bump is becoming a bit more noticeable now although I still feel I have to make it known to other people that I’m pregnant because I just get so caught up with others thinking I’m just really fat. I don’t feel good about my appearance at all and I’m going to join Weight Watchers thanks to a free 12 week referral from my GP at my post natal check. I hope that weight watchers and breastfeeding as well as getting swimming again as soon as I can will all really help with weight loss.

Pregnant at 28 weeks summer 2018, high BMI bump

Growth Scan at 30 Weeks Pregnant

I had the first of three growth scans on Monday. It was so nice to see Baby Boy again. I have another on 30th July and then again on 23rd August. This should give us a more accurate picture of his weight come the birth.

30 Weeks Pregnant Growth Scan

Upcoming Appointments

I seem to have appointments pretty much every week now with the Anaesthetist clinic, Growth Scans, Hypnobirthing, Confident Birthing antenatal class, Consultant appointment, routine midwife checks and another chat and planning session with my Doula and again with my consultant midwife. This is keeping me going until September so at least I’m keeping busy.

Any Concerns?

Not really. I do worry that because of my BMI my chance of a successful VBAC is really, really low but I would much rather try for a natural birth than not. I am just going to try and stay as active as I can and as things get closer look at ways to help my body spontaneously go into labour as well as accepting some cervical sweeps with the possibility of having waters broken artificially if they don’t go naturally. I also want to start paying more attention to my hypnobirthing book to relax, get some birth affirmations down and to find ways I can really help Oxytoxin do it’s magic come labour.

Home Birth/Hospital Bag

I am currently putting together a box for a planned home birth as well as preparing a bag for a possible hospital transfer or if things end up going to plan C a bag ready for a planned c-section. I’d love to know what you recommend packing?

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